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Friday, 6 July 2012

HAUNTED SKIES: 5th July 2012

It’s been a tiring few days following a visit from Richard D Hall, who interviewed me about the Haunted Skies books, and some other cases more up to date. These included an examination of an incident in 1994 when a retired Police Officer sighted a UFO while out fishing. As result of him informing the MOD, he was later subjected to some harassment. The investigator, John Jenkins spoke about his early investigation and then the retired officer gave his viewpoint. We also discussed what appears to be the recovery of an alleged implant and some harassment afterwards to the party concerned, who also gave her side of the matter. This took place in 1995.

Richard was very pleased with the interviews, and is in the process of ordering a number of books from the publishers, which will be available when the programme goes out in a couple of month’s time.

Devon Libraries have now begun to stock the books, which is also great news.

Don Ramkin from London sent us a photo of his gorgeous kitten.

Kevin Goodman has been in contact and tells us that his republished book Cradle of Contact  is due out on Amazon any day now.  Well done Kevin!  Kevin is also giving a talk at the Weird Weekend in August.

We wanted to show you the original cover for Haunted Skies, which we paid £40 for to some guy in Suffolk, who we met while walking through the forest. I gather he was peeved that we didn’t use it - sorry we changed our mind!

From our friend Roy Dutton,  a newspaper cutting about a recent visit that he had:

Dave Hodrien of the Birmingham UFO Group Chairman & Investigator:

On Sunday 17th June I, my father, brother and other members of BUFOG headed down to Suffolk for the 2012 Rendlesham UFO Conference. It was a really great day, with some excellent speakers followed by a visit to the forest. I’ve now uploaded a full review of the conference including loads of photos of the event. You can have a read on the Birmingham UFO Group website at the below link:

Hope you enjoy the review. You have permission to forward the link via E-Mail or on any forums, although if you wish to copy the article it for use elsewhere please contact me directly for approval.

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