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Saturday, 11 August 2012

HAUNTED SKIES Update: 8th August 2012

Hi everyone.  We have recently returned from seeing our publisher in Devon, and are completing the last few errors before sending him the completed work. We had a dreadful time getting to the Devon area on Saturday last owing to the heavy volume of traffic and intermittent bursts of heavy rain.

Our journey took us 6 hours, followed by a mad dash to the caravan site to set the van up and then an equally mad dash to catch our wind and make our way to the cottage to see our publisher.  After a cup of tea, and a quick cuddle with Prudence, the family dog, we all set to the job of getting Volume 6 right, and worked until ten o’clock that evening!

When we left the caravan site the next day (Sunday) the clutch on our Peugeot began to slip very badly so were forced to summon the assistance of a breakdown service, who advised us that the clutch appeared very badly worn and that we had to take care driving back home.  This we did, arriving back many hours later.  As we need the car, we will - of course - be seeking further advice regarding the clutch.

UFO sighted over West Midlands
I spoke to a West Midlands Police Officer yesterday who was driving along the A46 road towards the city boundary of Coventry, near to Stonebridge Island, at 2.20am on the 5th of August 2012, when he saw a pulsating light in the sky over the A45 close to the latter. Within seconds, the object shot away at speeds estimated to be thousands of miles per hour. The Officer made his way to the airport, where he spoke to Air Traffic Control officials who confirmed that no flights were listed in that locality and that nothing had been tracked on radar.   We contacted the Coventry Telegraph and asked them to publish a letter from us asking if any other witnesses to this incident would contact us.

Volume 6 1975-1977
 The final corrections of Volume 6 have now been sent to Jon. Here is what this volume will contain:

Chapter One: January to June 1975
Ghostly disturbance in Devon, Ghostly Encounter, Worcestershire, UFO lands on River Dart, UFO Display over Doncaster, Strange ‘figure’, Southsea, UFO over London, Silver ‘discs’ over Kent, Triangular UFO, Reading, UFOs over Harlow, Essex, UFO over Suffolk, UFO over Kent, Phantom Hiker, A wasted journey, UFO over Lincolnshire, UFO landing, Rainham, Strange lights photographed at Lancashire, Yellow ‘Orb’,
Scotland, UFO Display over London, UFO over Staffordshire, UFOs sighted over Warminster, UFO over Southampton, UFO over Warminster, UFO sighting, Cumbria , Police sighting over Cleeve Hill, Gloucestershire, UFO over Berkshire, UFO over Birmingham, ‘Flying Hovercraft’, Gloucester.

Chapter Two: July to December 1975
UFO Display, Wales, UFO landing on the Welsh Hills, UFO over Reading, UFO over Cleveland, Another UFO sighted over Reading, British UFO Groups make TV appeal, UFO over Southampton, UFO over Nottinghamshire, Close Encounter with UFO, UFO over Cradle Hill, Warminster, UFO over East Grinstead, UFO over Preston, UFO Display over Barnsley, UFO over Basildon, ‘Flying Cobra’ UFOs, UFO over Normanton, West Yorkshire, UFO landing, Cornwall, A Haunting Experience, Worcestershire.

Chapter Three: January to June 1976
‘Flying Saucers’ over Cornwall, UFOs sighted Kent, UFO over Isle of Wight, Close Encounter, Lancashire, UFOs over Basildon, Essex, UFO display over Peak District, ‘Close Encounters’ of the Fourth Kind, Owlman seen at Mawman Church, ‘Close Encounter’, Yorkshire, UFO display over Greater Manchester,’ Close Encounter’, Manchester, UFO over Kent, UFO over Mount Snowdon, UFOs over Staffordshire, UFOs over Cradle Hill, Warminster, UFOs over Worcestershire, UFOs over Kent.

Chapter Four: July to December 1976
UFO over Cornwall, UFO display over M62, UFO display over Warminster, Close Encounters, Oakenholt, UFO over Hampshire, UFO over Southsea, Summer 1976, UFO over Tilbury, Close encounter at Leeds, Landed UFO, County Durham, UFO display, Hampshire, UFO over Essex, UFO over Canvey Island, UFO over the Isle of Wight, UFO display over Dudley, UFO over Ipswich, Skywatchers log, Cradle Hill, UFO over Gateshead, ‘Flying Cigar’ over Essex, Cigar-shaped UFO, Leicester, UFO over Huntingdonshire, UFO over Surrey, Joyce Bowles, Edwin Pratt-Encounters with UFOs, Close Encounter Surrey Downs, Cradle Hill, Warminster, UFO over Surrey, Close Encounter with UFO ,UFO over RAF Abingdon ,UFO over Essex, Dome-shaped object, Wales, Triangular UFO over Essex, UFO over Shrewsbury, Close encounter with UFO.

Chapter Five: January - March 1977
UFO sighted over Suffolk, ‘Flying saucer’ over Glamorgan, ‘Close Encounter’, Winchester, A strange tale, Alien figure in the East End of London, UFO over Warminster, UFO over Poole, Dorset, UFO over Evesham, UFO over Bridlington, Cigar-shaped UFO, Smoke ring over Wiltshire school, UFO sighting over Warminster,’ Flying Cigar’, over Milford Haven, UFO over Staffordshire, UFO landing, Broad Haven, Dyfed,
Motorists and UFOs, Followed by strange light, UFO over Haverfordwest School, UFO over Llandudno Junction, Hilary Evans, ‘Close Encounter’, Anglesley, UFO sighting, Rhosybol School, Anglesey,  ‘Close Encounter’, Huyton, Liverpool, UFO over Littlehaven, UFO over Worcester ,UFO formations over Dagenham, Essex, ‘Close Encounter’, Winchester, Joyce Bowles makes contact, UFO Display, Cradle Hill, UFO over Pendle Hill, UFO landing and occupants seen,’ Flying Saucer’ over Littehaven, ‘Flying Saucer’ over Hampshire, UFO sighting, Kings Heath, Birmingham, Close Encounter, Redditch.

Chapter Six: April - June 1977
UFO over Warminster, Strange’ beings’ seen, Farnham, Surrey, Alien Encounter, Milford Haven, ‘Flying Cross’ over Cheltenham, The Warminster scene, UFO - Penrith, Cumbria, Chased by UFO! ‘Flying Saucer’ over Milford Haven, UFO‘Landing’, Pembrokeshire, A visit from the ‘Men in Black’, Giant ‘figure’, seen, Ripperston Farm, UFO landing Essex , BBC Screening ‘out of this World on UFOs’, UFO over  Huddersfield, UFO, Leicestershire, Crop Circles at Bristol, Silver suited ‘figure’ seen, Ripperston Farm, UFOs sighted over East Lothian, Scotland, UFO over Surrey,  Strange ‘being’, Morayshire, UFO over Cheshire, UFO over Barking, Essex. UFO over Devon, UFO Display over Bournemouth, UFO over Warminster, ‘Flying Saucer’ over Yorkshire, Hoaxers caught at Warminster, UFO over Holyhead, The Queen’s Silver Jubilee, The ‘Men in Blue’, UFO - Barnard Castle, UFO over Essex, Sky-Watchers Diary, UFOs over County Durham, UFO, over Lancashire, UFOs over Birmingham,’ Close Encounter’, Worcestershire, Cradle  Hill, Warminster, UFOs over Nottinghamshire.

Chapter Seven: July - December 1977  
Strange Phenomena at Northumbria, UFO over Marple, Cheshire, UFO sighting by Randall Jones Pugh, Mystery deaths of ponies explained, UFO’s over Essex, UFOs over Somerset, RAF chase UFO Warminster, UFO landing at Warminster,’ Flying Saucer’ over Northumbria, UFOs over RAF Boulmer, ‘Flying Saucer’ landing near Bradford, UFOs over Thaxted, Geoff Falla, and his Vehicle Interference Project, UFO over Norwich,  UFO over Truro, UFO over Portland, Triangular UFO over Stoke-on-Trent, UFO over Warminster, UFO over Bournemouth, Close Encounter, Dyfed, UFOs over Lake District, UFO-Info Trowbridge, UFOs over Warminster, UFOs past and present, UFO over Ipswich, UFO Display over Ipswich, UFO over Lancashire, Strange Lights over Devon, UFO over Cleveland, UFO over Norfolk, UFO, over Cheltenham, UFO Incident, Bournemouth, UFO over Winchester, UFO over Anglesey, ‘Close Encounter’, Somerset, ‘Close Encounter’, Dorset, ‘Close Encounter’ with UFO, UFO over Bristol, UFO over west Midlands, Cradle Hill Hoax, Triangular UFO over St. David’s, Triangle of red lights over Cambridgeshire, UFO over Dudley, Orange ‘ball’ over Wiltshire, UFO over Manchester, UFO over Lancashire, UFO display filmed at Stonehenge, UFO over Anglesley, Close Encounter with UFO, ‘Flying Saucer’ over Salisbury, Sighting at Stack Rocks, Dyfed, UFO over Suffolk, UFO Display over Crewe, ‘Flying Saucer’, over Humberside, Domed UFO over Pembroke, UFO Clifton Campville,  Close Encounter’, Surrey, burn marks found.

A peek into the future   …. A visit from Squanasie
Musician /Therapist Sally Hope, whom we had the pleasure of communicating with in 2010, told of an event that took place on 18th  August 1987, while visiting the Stone Circle at Mitchels Fold in Old Churchstoke accompanied by her then husband Stewart and two friends during a four day visit as part of a harmonic convergence*

The first day I noticed some feint lights that I attributed to the haziness of the day and a buzzing noise that appeared to emanate from a large stone in the Circle but put it to the back of my mind.
On the fourth evening just before midnight we were sat almost level to the largest stone and were discussing about a strange light having been seen in the sky by Stewart when suddenly we saw what looked like a ‘runway of lights' on the ground coming towards us.

Then the clouds appeared to open up and a beam of light shot upwards into the sky followed by four of five dark shadowy shapes seen moving across the sky. We shouted out in excitement fear turning to wonder as they moved across the sky in what appeared to be a display. Ahead of us appeared strobing pillars of light forming an arc.

Followed by what looked like a’ fiery sun ‘and thousands of little lights travelling across the top of a nearby larger hill.

Suddenly the display ‘blinked out’ or stopped as a military jet fighter flew overhead. But as soon as the plane had gone the ‘lights’ returned this happened we understand on at least three occasions , “almost creating an impression the lights were playing with the aircraft .

How many times had we come across similar reports involving the ‘scramble’ of RAF jets on an intercept mission, and their occasional attempts to catch up with something or someone who appears to show some form of intelligence judging from their unwillingness to show themselves? However, we should exercise great care in forming any conclusions based on limited information, although the tabloids would no doubt depict a scenario which seems more in keeping with an episode of X files!   

Sally: “Two hundred yards away from us a single light hovered in the sky before descending earthwards and split into three ‘sitting on the ground’ Tom and Stewart wanted to go over and stand in the lights, but Annette and I urged them not to feeling that something may have happened to them, then the lights extinguished and darkness returned the whole episode over in an hour”.

The next morning the group met a man in a white boiler suit carrying a Geiger counter  who told them he was writing about the paranormal for a magazine  and expressed an interest in hearing what had taken place,  which seems an extraordinary coincidence. Was he from a magazine or was he an official of some kind?

The incident, and what it meant personally, was to inspire the production of a music track found in an album of music some years later entitled Squanasie ‘Sky people’ from Squanasie recordings produced by her and partner Jezz Woodroffe, who has worked with Black Sabbath, inspiring and haunting in melody.

Sources: Ovni July/August 2003 /personal interview/ County Times 9.5.2003

 *a planetary alignment which occurred on August 16th to 17th 1987 and of importance to the Maya Calendar which prophecies a time of renaissance and planetary quickening linked to the completion of our sun's 26,000 year orbital cycle around the Pleiades star system, and the alignment of our winter solstice with the Galactic Centre said to be complete by 21st December 2012,   and the stimulus for people to gather at sacred sites.

Peter, a friend of the authors, at the Little Alien Inn, Nevada

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