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Friday, 27 April 2012

HAUNTED SKIES: Update 25th April 2012

Western Mail 9th February 1977

Hi everyone.  Well Volume 5 is slowly drawing to completion and I have now more or less found the extra pieces of  the chronicler jigsaw puzzle in order to complete  it.  This volume covers the period 1972-1974; three years of incredible UFO activity, which - although agonisingly slow - shows us all that, despite what the sceptics say, there is other life on this Planet. What that life consists of,  and from where it comes, are questions we clearly cannot answer, but if we are wrong then so are all our witnesses!

Volume 5 will also contain some photos of the Queen and Prince Philip, and I’m pleased to say that a copy of Volume 4 has gone to Prince Philip’s personal secretary at the Palace.

Jon Downes, our publisher, is - like us - quite excited about going to town on year of 1977.  This volume (will it be Volume 6 or 7? I am  chancing fate, but I have a gut feeling that it will be the 7th volume) will be the Silver Jubilee book, produced in the Golden Jubilee year....very patriotic.   

Don Ramkin rang me at the time of writing, just to update me on how his birthday went last week:  he has reached the grand old age of 50!   Unfortunately,  he won’t be able to attend the Woodbridge UFO lectures due to problems beyond his control, and he will be sorely missed.    I hear that Gordy has said that tickets for this venue will now be sold on the door! Another change of plan! I do hope that these lectures go ahead as I am looking forward to hearing the speakers talk!

Don also told me about his punk rocker friend (way back in the 1980s) who was singled out of the crowd by Prince Charles, who then congratulated him on his Union Jack haircut!!   Ah, bygone days ….. a halcyon era now gone and fading from history.

Mushroom shaped UFO photographed by Brian James

Brenda Butler rang me, and she is now much better and sends her regards to all of you readers out there. She was one of the co-authors of SKYCRASH circa 1983, and I regard her as an expert on the events that took place there. Brenda tells me that there has been an upsurge in UFO activity around the Colchester and Suffolk areas over the last few weeks, with triangular craft seen.  If anybody knows about any of this please let me Dawn and I know.

Daily Star 30.03.82

I spoke to Julia (Jools) Quinn, who lives in Cornwall.  She told me about a mysterious creature that she saw close to Davidstowe airfield late one night in September 2005.  It was very tall with a face like a wolf standing erect on its two front legs! Amazing stuff.

I am still looking for photos please of Her Majesty and Prince Philip.  Can anyone help please?

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