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Friday, 13 April 2012

HAUNTED SKIES: Update 13th April 2012

Daily Star 30.3.82

There is not too much to report today, but we can say that the credits and index are now completed for Volume 5,  as indeed are the additional images to complete the work. We shall update you with the progress of this book as to its final publication date soon.

We have just heard from Gordy Goodger regarding the details of the 2012 Rendlesham UFO Conference,  which includes the following guest speakers:

Timothy Good, Gary Heseltine, Alan Godfrey, Robert Salas, Larry Warren, Peter Robbins and Jennifer Stein.

There will also be one or two additional guests.

Visit  for full details. The price is £20 and the conference will run from 10am to 11.30pm on Sunday 17th June,  2012.  No ticket can be purchased on the door,  which does seem unusual.


If anybody has any photos of the Queen/Prince Philip, we would appreciate it if you could let us have a copy.  We would like more for the volume of Haunted Skies that will cover the Silver Jubilee year of 1977.  Many thanks in advance for your help.

Don Ramkin emailed me the following:

“Here's a couple of recent photos of the kittens - well I say kittens, they're still small and into everything but are now 7 months old.  It was indeed a rare photo opportunity to get the 3 of them together and staying still long enough for me to take a picture as they're usually running around the place & rough n tumbling with each other.”

Gemma decided she liked the bin

I spoke to Don and had a chat about the Conference; he is really looking forward to spending a few nights under canvas, and soaking up all of the vibes!


The following is an email received from Bob Tibbitts – but not an April Fool’s day wind up – or at least I hope not:

“On April 1st as it was a really nice, sunny day I thought I would sit outside for a little while. I had my iPhone with me as there were some interesting vapour trails in the sky. Three 'jets' flew over and I took a snap of them at around 12.35pm.

Just seconds later, my eye caught sight of a glint in the sky at around the same altitude as the jets seemed to be flying at. The aircraft were way to the south west at this moment and looking at this object in the sky I was bewildered by its behaviour. It seemed to 'roll' or 'wobble' as it moved, quite slowly, in a east to west direction. I raised my iPhone and snapped a couple of shots of it before it seemed to just disappear! I went inside and checked the screen on my iPhone but there didn't seem to be anything to see, although the three jets and their trails were obviously there on the preceding shot.

There were a few, wispy clouds around but none in the area of the sky that the silvery object appeared in. This small object was quite high up and it didn't create any trail and was gone is the time that I saw it and managed to snap the two pictures. Looking around for a while, I couldn't see it any more. I am wondering if it may have been some sort of ice formation from the passing jets or a balloon but if it was a balloon, I can't understand why it was only visible for such a short time. From the photo you can see that it may have been visible earlier but obscured by the rooftop of the flats where I was sitting outside. I thought I would pass it on to you in any case John just in the event that anyone else had reported anything similar at this time in the area.”

I’ve superimposed the object, whatever it was, onto the first photo showing the three jets.  It was very strange, but at the end of the day we don’t know what it was.

 The three jets

Thanks Bob for sharing.

Real UFO sighting 1982  from  real people…

Mr. Peter Mackerell - an HGV Driver, of Dorking, Surrey, outlined what he saw on the 17th April 1982:

“I was driving along the A25, from Guildford to Dorking, on Saturday with my fiancĂ©e, when I saw two bright white lights in the distance, hovering above some trees. When we reached the clump of trees, (Grid reference TQ134484, 5 miles from Pitch Hill - scene of other UFO reports) - the light was powerful enough to shine around the trunks of the trees - I just continued driving, then the lights were above us.I slowed down, as we turned the corner, wondering what they were..

We soon found out, when we saw this huge shape - like a fat cigar, with red and green lights on the front, and green square lights running down the sides. I drove up the kerb in surprise, and when we got to the other end of the ‘cigar’, having driven underneath it, I saw two massive jet-like burners, glowing about a hundred feet above us.”

Mrs. Christine Mackerell corroborated what had happened.  She told of the light- hearted banter with Peter, after having first seen the two white lights, thinking they may have been headlights - an attitude that was to change drastically, when Peter shouted out:

“It’s a UFO”.

“Immediately, my legs went to jelly.  I was petrified.  I said, ‘Go back, go back’, and we went past it.  I looked back and saw these two great big orange jet burners.

I was so scared - it was eerie, horrible, unbelievable, and evil looking shape.

I wanted to go home, but Peter decided to turn around and have another look.

When he did so, whatever it was had gone.”

The couple then continued on their journey, noting, with some surprise, that cars had started to appear again on the road, because all the time we were on the road, there hadn’t been a single car drive past, and there was this eerie stillness”.

The couple reported the matter to the police, who advised them to ring the UFO desk, at Gatwick Airport.  (No such department exists!)
(Sources: Flying Saucer Review, volume 38, no. 3, (Captain Gordon Millington, Retd. BA Hons., Consultant to FSR / Omar Fowler, ‘SIGAP’)

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