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Monday, 9 April 2012


HauntedSkies Volume 5 (Sunday) Happy Easter

Hi everybody, I have finally completed working on the index of Volume 5, which although you could say is boring and tedious, does allow the opportunity to check that we haven’t repeated ourselves. On a task such as this you have to take into consideration that you sometimes have different sources of the same information and repetition can so easily occur.

I’ve been asked to give at talk at theAMMACH (The Anomalous Mind Management Abductee and Contactee) Helpline 07951752813)) conference in Septemberthis year.

Here is a self explanatory cutting from the Sun, and I was very impressed with the attitude taken by Joanna Summerscales (head of AMMACH), who chose to turn down an offer by someone who would have probably denigrated the whole idea of what Joanna and Miles are all about.

UFOS seen over Bexley area

In our News-shopper just the other week there was an article relating to a lady claiming tohave seen UFOs. I think it was 6 cigar-shaped objects in the skies over the Bexley area , and saying that in theblue sky they were only visible when the sun shone on them and they glinted alittle. The News shopper has asked for any other witnesses, or for anyone whohas seen anything unexplained recently in the skies over the borough of Bexleyto contact them, so as soon as there's a follow up on this I will scan you it,as any sightings are definitely of interest.”

Mike Hallowell –Email in response tofinding his original UFO report

Hi John,

Sorry about the delay in replying. My e-mail is down so I have to use webmail. I'm amazed! After over thirty years of searching I’ve found that old article and I can't thank you enough. I'm amazed, and so grateful!

With deepest thanks, Mike Hallowell

Kevin Goodman

Congratulations to Kevin - Jon Downes is reissuing his book soon, and we are looking forward to seeing it available for sale again in the near future.

Coincidently,while Kevin supped a gallon of tea and pontificated on the trials andtribulations of life and UFOs in general (before I was bitten by a dammedhorsefly), our friend Peter turned upwith members of his family.

One of them was Carl’s son who told of having sighted a triangular shaped object: “Likea durrito [sic] crossing the sky over Birmingham recently while outside”

BUFORA Poster sent to us from Matt Lyons

James Benson Irwin

James Benson Irwin(March 17, 1930 – August 8, 1991) was an American astronaut and engineer. Heserved as lunar module pilot for Apollo 15, which was the fourth human lunarlanding mission. He was, in fact, theeighth human to walk on the Moon. However, once the rendezvous procedure wascompleted between Falcon and the Endeavour CSM, it was while both Irwin andScott were busy moving items like rock samples into the CM and preparing the lunarmodule for final separation that the earliestsymptoms appeared regarding his heart condition.

Both Scott and Irwin were working with no sleep for 23hours, during which they conducted a final moonwalk, performed the ascent fromthe lunar surface, rendezvoused with Endeavour,and encountered the problems that delayed the lunar module jettison manoeuvre. The astronauts' physiological vital signs were being monitored back on Earth, and the flight surgeons noticed some irregularities in Irwin's heart rhythms. Irwin's heart had developed bigeminy (the occurrence of two beats of the pulse in rapid succession.).

Dr. Charles Berrystated to Chris Kraft, deputy director of the Manned Spacecraft Center (MSC) atthe time: "It's serious, [i]f hewere on Earth. I'd have him in ICU being treated for a heart attack.”

Endeavour's cabin atmosphere was 100%oxygen (when in space), so it was decided that he was in no serious danger byDr. Charles Berry.

Specifically: "Intruth, he’s in an ICU. He's getting one hundred percent oxygen, he's beingcontinuously monitored and best of all, he’s in zero g. Whatever strain his heart is under, well, we can't do betterthan zero g."

During the post-Trans Earth Injection (TEI) phase of themission there wasn't much more for Irwin to do other than provide help with AlWorden's EVA to retrieve film magazines from the CSM's SIM bay, by donning apressure suit and monitoring him. He was able to rest and apparently recoverduring the rest of the mission. The flight surgeons continued to monitor hisEKG until splashdown, but his heart rhythm was normal. This incident apparentlywas not discussed during the mission debriefing sessions, and the condition didnot appear when he returned to Earth. A few months later he suffered a heart attack.

A patch cut by Irwin from the backpack abandoned on the Moon during the Apollo 15 mission was auctioned at Christie's in 2001 for $310,500 in a consignment of material from Irwin's estate thatgarnered "a combined $500,000".

Stamp incident
After the return of Apollo 15 to Earth, it was discovered that, without authority, the crew had taken 398 commemorative first day coversto the moon, of which a hundred were then sold to a German stamp dealer. The profits of the sale were intended to be used to establish trust funds for theApollo 15 crew's children. Although their action was not in any way illegal,and despite the fact that NASA had turned a blind eye to similar activities on earlier flights, the administration decided to reassign the Apollo15 crew to non-flight positions. CreditWikipedia

Photographed at HQ recently, theginger cat Spider McGraw, who keeps Jon and Corinna sane.

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