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Monday, 18 June 2012


Haunted Skies Volume 5 offered for sale at the fantastic price of £888! on Amazon by Invise-UK (Canada)
This came from eagle-eyed Haunted Skies supporter James Mitchell who contacted us regarding the cost of Haunted Skies. “It was nice to talk to you today, despite the bad connection we seemed to have. I really enjoyed the first volume of Haunted Skies and am looking forward to reading the rest: hopefully, if I'm good, "Santa" might let me have another volume before Christmas! I’ve been interested in the subject of UFOs for many years now, albeit with a lapse of some years until about four years ago.

As for myself, I've seen three unexplained things in the sky (two luminous and one "cigar" shaped object), but I tend to keep an open mind as to what may be behind it all, although I believe that it is a real, external (to the observer) phenomena. Whatever it is, it's certainly fascinating.

To me, the biggest regret regarding ufology is the in-fighting and bickering that dogs the subject. I often feel that if all the interested parties joined forces and pooled their resources (in a similar way to which astronomical societies are federated) then the subject would gain more respect in the eyes of both science and the general public. I know at my age (mid-fifties) I shouldn't be so naive, but it's a nice wish all the same!

As I said, I would like to become more involved in the subject, but lack of time and health problems mitigate against this. Once again, it was nice talking to you and please keep up the good work with your excellent series of books.”

Currently Dawn and I are working on Volume 7, which will cover just two years – 1978 and 1979. We would have never thought in our wildest dreams so many years ago that the UFO scene was so prolific during the mid- to end of the 20th Century, and can remember a conversation with the publisher when we thought four books would cover the activities of the mid-20th Century!

I spoke to ex-Gloucestershire Constabulary PC Trent Davis today, who is living in Thailand. He has had the courage to stand up and just say what he saw hovering over the radio transmitters at Cleeve Hill on the outskirts of Cheltenham way back in 1975,. The full story will be outlined in Volume 6, which will be the Jubilee edition and dedicated to Queen Elizabeth.

From Don at Bexleyheath and his new kittens! “I hope you're both keeping well? All is good here and my mum’s leg is healing nicely although she's still going to be bandaged for at least another 5wks.Our feline lodger Daisy Belle had her 2012 kittens just after 1am this morning and they're very vocal already. There are only 3 this time but here's a photo of our latest litter but they WILL be found homes unlike the first lot. One has already been found a home for when its ready to go , but no way are we going through the mayhem the first lot caused , breaking things & getting into everything - its WORSE than having kids ! So homes are definitely going to be found for the other two in this photo which actually makes them look bigger than they are whereas the fact is that they are such tiny fragile little things".

Spoke to David Bryant today and hope he sells plenty of rock and stones. Thanks for all of your help David and kind advice.

Here are some photos of our last visit to Devon the Sun was shining! 
The first was overlooking the Camp site, the second at Bucks Mills and shows Monty the dog.

Martian Photo by Steve Franklin - shades of War of the Worlds

From Keith Hanson:  bird stuck in a box. He had to free it.

Storm clouds over Red Lion Pub. 

And finally a news item of interest…

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