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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Haunted Skies volume 5 update

Happy New Year 2012! Update on Haunted Series of Books

At the moment we are busy scripting the 5th Volume, which we hope will run from 1972 to 1976 (inclusive) - fingers crossed! And John is checking over the hundreds of images and text for Volume 6, which is currently at 50K+ words and approx 90 pages, which may mean hopefully that Volume 6 could include 1978. Time will tell....

Telephone-wise it’s been quiet. I spoke to Philip Mantle tonight. He wants Volume 3 for his collection so we sent one. People have been contacting me about Volume 4 but there is no sign of it yet on As soon as I have copies I'll forward some on to those who have clicked the button!

Hi John from Bill Eatock (Wigan based UFO Researcher)
A photo taken by a neighbour on his mobile phone camera whilst he was sat fishing at Scotman's Flash, Wigan.
Tuesday of this week.

Brenda Butler has been in touch. Her new book is progressing and we wish her well with it. She tells me that there has been an increase in activity around the Forest, and that there have been many sightings of what look like 'Hooded Monks' walking along the forest tracks.

We have heard many such stories over the years. What and where these entities come from is anyones guess!

Another reminder that it isn't only stones that fall into Rendlesham Forest! We have heard of coins and nails falling from the sky but a plastic elephant! Fact is stranger than fiction! Here is what Don picked up!

And one of my favourite in 2004 by Licensee Peter Saxon whom we had the pleasure of meeting.

UFO landing Gloucestershire 1994

A married couple was driving along the A419 between Frampton Mansell and the Sapperton turn off at 9.49pm 15th March 1994 heading towards Cirencester when they noticed a white light descending through the sky which they took to be a meteorite. Their curiosity aroused they decided to pull up to have a closer look at a point where they thought the ‘object’ had come down

"After stopping we were amazed to see in a field too our left at a distance of about 80-120yards a triangular white light close to some green lights which were darting about rapidly but becoming stationary from time to time, illuminating the ground with a pinky purple light which appeared to be about two feet above the ground. I got out of the car leaving my wife still in the vehicle and continued to keep observations for a few more minutes, during which time I saw green lights with conical beams illuminating the ground and moving about erratically I was not parked very safely, I decided to drive around to the other part of Sapperton Road north of the A419 which took me about six minutes when I reached that point I looked out and saw the green conical beams were still there going on and off. I then reported the matter to the Police at Cirencester at 10.20pm they said they would send a mobile unit to have a look “

We spoke to Ronald Ratcliffe an Amateur Astronomer from Malinslee Telford Shropshire about what he saw at 9.38pm on the 21st of June 19991, while in the back garden taking in some air

I was looking north when I saw a stationary object in the sky, lit up by the reflection of the sun, I estimated it was some 50miles away the length, its length being 2.5times the size of Venus at its brightest. After a few seconds it moved from right to left out of the Sun, then turned towards me as a grey mass, as it passed overhead approximately 800 feet in height an RAF Fighter Aircraft came up behind it, the Plane and the ‘Mass’ then went above the clouds and I lost sight of them for goo

At 11.24pm 22nd June 1991, a number of people had travelled down to Wiltshire to take part in a sky watch organised by the Beckhampton Centre for Crop Circle studies.

While overlooking the vicinity of Milk Hill Alton Barnes a large bright orange ball appeared flashing once and sharply defined against the black sky, was seen .Was there a connection with an earlier sighting of a red flickering glow on the horizon above Milk Hill seen to ‘switch on and off’ several times during the ten minutes of observation.? (Source: MOD Declassified records DEFE 24 1966)

At 10.30pm 23rd June 1991 an’ oblong cylinder with green and red flashing lights ‘was seen over Manor Road, Grimethorpe Barnsley by local resident, Peter Greenwich, who was walking his dog Butch at the time which ran around excitedly during the time the object took to pass over. (Source: Barnsley Chronicle Yorks 28.6.91 ‘Things that go bump in the night’)

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