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Friday, 13 January 2012

Alan Hilton dies


Margaret Fry rang me today with the sad news that her life long friend Alan Hilton passed away on the 6th of January 2012. We offer our condolences to Alan's partner Barbara Rankin. Alan is shown here with Dawn during a vist to Bexleyheath London a few years ago with Margaret Fry.

Alan Hilton was the presenter of the Annual UFO-PSYCHIC-SPIRITUAL CONFERENCE held at Hourne Farm, Steel Cross, Crowborough, East Sussex, TN6 2SR, UK Some of the speakers who had talked there included Andy Thomas: "The Crop Circle Mystery". Lionel Beer: "The Moving Statue of Ballinspittle,’ Martin Colbourne: "UFO Propulsion and Anti-Gravity". Keith Wakelam: "Area 51 Revisited and The Power of the Vortex". Norman Oliver "The UFO Phenomenon: What Does it all Mean?".Alan Hilton's first book,’ The Journey Of My Soul’, highlights a journey of experiences and encounters concerning alien abductions, past lives, Sai Baba, alternative therapies, etc.

The Haunted Skies UFO Scrapbook
Appeal- If anyone want to assist the Authors with any illustrations and get their names in the books please contact us on 07576880281 or by email

This was in response to a UFO filmed over Swindon by a local man.
This letter was sent to us by Pat Smith she and Kath Smith ( no relation) were responsible for producing many 'UFOLOGS' an original UFO Magazine along with Leonard Cramp
of the Isle of Wight UFO Society. Kath Smith still asks me now "Do you think they will ever relase the truth about UFOs to the public?" My Answer- not for many years if that!
Two of my favourite girls! Corrina and Prudence Downes (No Prudence is not doing that!) and no she is not related to Lord Prescott.!
Taken at Rendlesham Forest a few years ago. no idea what it is,but I have to say that we also came across a photo of a tiny flying saucer just above the tree line. To the naked eye it was saucer shaped but when enhanced lost a lot of its image and didnt look saucer shaped any more, this was not due to any pixealation in my opinion. As Don Ramkin will tell you its a very eerie place at night and he like us has experienced the fall of a warm stone.
By the way Don give my love to the cats and wish Gemma the kitten a return to full health, following her recent operation . I also hope Jean has got over her cold.

Email from Don.....................
Well the good news is that finally after 3 days at the vets we've been able to bring our kitten home .Its really been a worry to have a kitten that was its normal weight , totally fine and playing happilly with its sisters to suddenly go downhill so fast and lose alot of weight , then to find out its got a twisted bowl and needs surgery it MAY not survive from , but you have to try don't you .

Thankfully surgery went well and each day we had to ring up for updates , but recovery was good and were told how well kitten was doing and that it had been eating and playing with its little ball they'd put in with it , then today we got the news that we could come and pick it up .

It does look funny with its little funnel thing on , but its had white chicken and abit of tuna in brine (thats all it can eat for 1wk little but often) , so after what its been through ( and put US through ) this is one kitten thats not being rehomed like its siblings as its got a loving home WITH US . Oh by the way John whats happening with Volume 4 Im desperate to get hold of a copy im only in my 40's

Don was reassured that it wont be long now.................

Maude who passed away now 3 years ago.... This is not the work of a CGI this was the real thing !

Close encounters

At 8pm 22nd October 1991 Bill Eatock from Hindley Wigan, then a UFO Investigator for Quest a UFO organisation headed by retired Police Sergeant Tony Dodd, was carrying out a test on some ‘walky talky radios’ he had just purchased, and was driving along a Country road , on a clear dry night with good radio reception, when he encountered a bank of fog, followed by a high pitched whining noise loud enough to hurt his ears.

“I instinctively bent down to check the car radio was off, which it was, my left ear and left side of the face felt as if they were burning, I was so agitated I pulled the wires out of the car radio and made my way home, where I went into the bathroom and saw the ‘sun tan’ down the one side of my face, then I was very sick vomiting up load of clear liquid, almost as if something had been pumped into me

My ear was also bleeding, wondering what the hell had happened I made my way to bed and felt like I was dying, and my Wife thought I had been in a car accident. The following day my body was aching all over, my ear was still trickling blood, and my face looked burnt on the one side, and I discovered what looked like puncture marks and bruises on my legs and body.

When I went to the Doctor’s, he asked me if I had fallen asleep under a sun lamp, and sent me to Wigan Infirmary for blood tests where I discovered that I had lost a number of white blood corpuscles.

The Doctor asked me if I had ever worked in a power station as my symptoms indicated exposure to an electro magnetic force field. After three days my condition stabilised and I was allowed to go home”

Bill decided to undergo hypnotic regression, hoping to learn more about what he viewed as a remarkable inexplicable experience having exhausted any rational explanation, and was shocked to discover after listening to a copy of the regression carried out that his worst fears had been realised, when he described what will by now become an all to familiar story involving being

taken on board some sort of craft, and seeing several small large headed creatures who were accompanied by a tall human apparently in charge.’ Rather frighteningly I realised I was not the only ‘captor’ there I saw a girl also present her face was to be burnt into my memory”

Incidents like that described by Bill and so many other genuine people whom we met over the years, involving what appears to be representative of some form of alien behaviour seems impossible to believe, and in conflict with the very ideals of human life, but how does one explain away rationally what happened to Bill, and so many others (Source Wigan Reporter 27.12.96/2.1.97. ‘UFO Update’/Personal Interview)

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