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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Colonel Halt supports Haunted Skies!

Its nice to see Colonel Charles Halt showing a copy of Haunted Skies which was sent to him recently. We thank him for that, and he has all three Volumes with a promise of the fourth when it is avaliable to buy. We have no idea why it is taking so long and urge the many people that keep contacting us to be patient , it is a matter that is out of our hands.
We are also hoping that Edgar Mitchell one of the famous 'moonwalkers' will add his comment on the content of two volumes of Haunted Skies which he is in posession of, although he has rejected a suggestion for a foreword to one of the Volumes, which at the end of the day is of course his choice.

I dont often get around to replying to forums on the UFO subject as I am kept busy preparing Volume 5 which is nearing completion. Dawn has spent many hours proofing this document prior to taking it to the Publisher in early February. Ive been chasing up the many images to be used and can say that our old friend Wayne Mason is now back on line and preparing some computer generated images which are the 'cherry on the cake' with some of the more important cases. He is a credit to his Mum Elaine and we thank him for his assistance.
The UFO Status Quo (No its not the group!)
Here is a copy of part of what I wrote:to a blog the other day after reading that a so called UFO expert had suggested that all UFOs could be explained away as natural phenomena!

Whilst in my opinion there is no such a thing as a UFO expert there are some that know more than others, about a subject which still attracts the attention of the media.

Sadly there is a vast gulf between how the media treat such reports, in various documentaries on UFOs ( same old same old) and tabloid newspaper articles which seek to denigrate the subject, by offering that age old balanced perspective.

Sadly there is also a vast gulf between what the MOD declassifies and the real accounts from real people who have suffered all manner of medical maladies stretching from minor to serious.

One such case in 1994, involved a then serving Police Officer who was unfortunate to suffer the consequences after having sighted a saucer shaped object over the River Nene in Northamptonshire. The Police Officer went to see his Doctor after experiencing severe headaches and was given an MRI scan; the Doctor asked him if he had ever had an operation on the brain (No) because there was scarring on the brain! I have heard similar stories from people that have been exposed to the energies given off by these objects.

The problem is that we (the human participants) are not being given the opportunity to tell the media of sightings like this How long is the human race going to bury its head into the sands and deny something that stands in front of us, it is not about confrontation.

At the end of the day the evidence is overwhelming, but of course it was in 1947, in the States and in the UK during 1977 and 1995 when there was an increase in activity( in my opinion the 'flow' remains the same. It appears that when certain criteria is met that we see more of what is going on in the sky........

I could cite many cases, like this, the one that I found poignant was a woman from Attelborough Norfolk who said in her letter, " I hope that I live long enough to find out what these things are" She passed away many years ago.

Likewise the Police Officer(now retired) who I spoke to today said, “ I will go to my grave knowing that what I saw and what I experienced was so out of the ordinary It cannot be explained away”

David Bryant rang, he is now a valued and trusted friend who shoots straight from the hip! a no nonsene man and as straight as a dye! He has given much support over the years and is a credit to the the UFO subject.

Albert Rosales has also been in touch letting us have more details of his up to date catalogue of not only strange craft seen in the World wide skies but their even weirder occupants! Well done Albert I will post up your picture when I find it!

Brenda Butler from Suffolk has been in touch just general chit chat about UFO activity in the local area, I will get an update from her shortly which I will post up.
Early 1979 UFO magazine from our friend Dan Goring

For those of you that are looking forward to seeing Travis here are some newspaper cuttings.....I did email him about the visit in June he confirmed the date, but failed to answer any other questions put to him about his version of events for the blog. I presume he is a busy man and we wish him the best when he comes over.

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