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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The sun sets on Volume 3 Haunted Skies

Some interesting newspaper cuttings from past times. Good to see Budd! and thanks to that very nice man Pete Robbins for his kind words for us and Haunted Skies.

As the sun now begins to set on Volume 3, covering just two jam packed years, information that you could not have obtained from the MOD who tell us that their records were routinely destroyed before they decided to catalogue UFO reports- we now turn our eyes forward into British History and look forward to

seeing the 4th Volume in production which covers the period 1968-1971.

Here are some glimpses into future UFO events..............which will be published in future Volumes! fingers crossed that we get past the 21st of December 2012!

UFO sighting over Birmingham January 1998

Sandra from Kings Norton Birmingham just off the Redditch Road, found her self unable to sleep after a spate of burglaries in the road, and was looking out of the window at 2am when she noticed a number of infrared security lights had been actuated in the road, wondering if the cause was prowlers or an animal she looked around for the cause and saw,

Two strange objects adjacent to each other in the sky, one was a silver pear shaped light, the other an orange globe, about four times the size of a full Moon in size, hardly daring to breathe I watched them as they hovered approximately a couple of hundred feet off the ground above the house s opposite. Then they slowly moved away illuminating the ground below then as they headed off towards the Primrose Estate.”

In conversation with the couple who had no special interest in UFOS or the paranormal,we learnt after the event had taken place they had seen what looked like a ‘grinning monkey faced apparition ‘in the bedroom which promptly disappeared when the lights were switched on including a rather disturbing incident involving their daughter, which occurred in 1992,


My daughter was aged three at the time and running a high temperature we had problems contacting the family doctor and decided to keep an all night vigil at her beside while attempting to lower her temperature. At 5am she awoke and seemed her normal self, I asked her how she was she replied, Mummy a little man came from behind the curtain and gave me some medicine” (Source: personal interview)

Whether there was any connection with the appearance of the grinning monkey face, and British folklore which tells of an unpleasant spirit labelled the bogieman allegedly fond of haunting children and described as black in appearance with an ugly grinning face, short and hairy with a foul smell, is a question we cannot say.

Coincidently we were contacted by Karl Smith from Cleveland Middlesbrough who told of having been “plagued by strange entities seen at the family home “including what he saw visually as a ‘monkey face’ which he captured on photo, and sent to us along with an illustration, did he really take a photograph of something supernatural in origin or was this an example of simulacra?

Steven and Annie Clark from Audenshaw, Manchester were at home on the evening of February 9th 1998 when they saw ‘Two balls of solid bright light moving very slowly, the light on the top moved over the top of the other. They had three little bright lights on the rear flashing perfectly in time with each other several hundred feet off the ground, making a slight humming noise as they passed overhead’ In conversation with Steven who was to provided us with further information about the incident we learnt he was interviewed by UFO Magazine and Granada TV on at least two occasions and subsequently appeared in a documentary part of a six part series, entitled ‘Origin Unknown’ Steve ‘One thing which wasn’t publicized was that I had managed to look at the objects through a high powered telescope when I saw a small red light slightly offset from the middle of each object’ Another witness was Steve’s friend Mark McGlinchey who described seeing the same objects going over, his house some miles away. (Source Personal interview) At 3.40pm the same day’ three golden balls of light’ were seen heading across the sky over Rhoose looking towards Somerset gone within seconds.

Paul Coady from Langley Berkshire with a background in the aircraft industry was sat outside in his back garden at 2.45pm 31st May 1998 watching various aircraft flying overhead on a warm pleasant afternoon. All of sudden an object resembling an ice cream cone in appearance with a grey metallic surface passed slowly overhead. a few hundred feet off the ground. I was riveted with excitement and watched as it entered light cloud cover. After thirty minutes of waiting for it to come out of the other side I gave up after the cloud cover itself disappeared over the horizon’ (Source: personal interview)

Some interesting newspaper cuttings from past times. Good to see Budd! and thanks to that very nice man Pete Robbins for his kind words for us and Haunted Skies.

Forthcoming attractions- January talk on Radio Peterborough will advise more details when known

Letters received..............

Sarah Falkland from the BBC

Hada nice letter back from our next door neighbour, Sarah Falkland who is a presenter on BBC Midlands. At the time when she was living next door to us, she expresssed an interest in getting us some publicity. A journalist was on his way to us to do that when he was redirected to another more important task! In December 2011 we sent Sarah the 1st Volume. She wrote back to us saying this was a fascinating read, and wished us well for the future. What a lovely woman she is!Unfortunatly she advised us that 'not sure if we'll be able to cover on Midlands Today,but I know that I will enjoy it"

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