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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Haunted Skies Volume 4 now complete...

Lest we forget.................Maude whose memory lives on

Haunted Skies 4 takes off on its journey through

history and the WWW. Haunted Skies Volume

5 begins its birth from the pages of this PC to its

final journey to meet its creator Jon. This will also be

jam packed and cover the period (we hope) 1972

to 1976.

We are pleased to announce that Volume 4 is completed, despite the mud of sunny Devon

and the continuing pawing of our favourite neice (canine) Prudence the dog who now

expects herUncle John and Aunty Dawn to arrive witha tasty tidbit.

Holly my grandaughter is now at home after being born three months premature

Merry Christmas Holly My son Chris is shown.

As from today I am told by Brenda Butler that folowing a letter from Charles Halt

that he is not attending at the forthcoming lecture in June 2012 which is a pity as

we were really looking forward to to meeting him.

But we shall no doubt go, if only to meet up with DonRamkin, David Bryant,Brenda

Butler who is working hard on her book about the Rendlesham story, not forgetting

the gang, Jim John,Larry Pete, Travis etc.........

We can you that there is some very interesting new information in this book. Cant wait ......

An example of the many reports which continued to be brought to our attention during the

making of Haunted Skies 4 came from Colin Reid, who told us about some unusual

airborneobjects he had seen over the years, beginning in 1954, while a young child playing

football in the street in Torquay Road, Torney Close, Sunderland, during the summer

holidays,with other children:

A lady passing by shouted, “Look at that!”, and pointed upwards. I looked and saw a disc or ball-shaped object moving from south to north in the sky, at slow speed. It was about the size of the full moon. It was frequently changing colour from white to black and back to white. A male passer-by said it was a weather balloon, but this did not account for the changing colour, and we could see nothing attached to it to take weather measurements. It disappeared over the house tops.”

Another interesting report from Colin involved an incident in 1962, which was witnessed
by the crew of the
Vessel, SS Spray, owned by Ellis & McHardy, Coal Merchants
Aberdeen, under command of Capt Robert Andrews.

One hour after leaving Aberdeen, on a moonless night, in calm weather, an “aircraft” showing several white lights flew at low level over the ship; there was no sound. It turned back and circled the ship once, before crashing into the sea. This was observed by 6 or 7 officers and crew.

The crash was immediately reported by radio to Aberdeen Harbour Office, who ordered the RNLI to launch the lifeboat and sent out the pilot cutter to assist ‘Spray’ with the search for survivors. A number of fishing vessels also joined the search.

They searched right through the night and during daylight next day. Nothing found. The ‘Spray’ resumed its ballast voyage to Sunderland to load coal back to Aberdeen. I was employed as a Shipping Agent in Sunderland and always attended ‘Spray’, knew the Master well, a typical Scot, serious, absolutely reliable. He had been Master of the vessel for many years.

Early next morning, a man dressed in typical London Civil Service ‘uniform’, including bowler hat and brolly, arrived in our office and asked when ‘Spray’ would arrive. He had come on the overnight sleeper from King’s Cross. The ship was due to arrive within an hour, so he waited and I took him to the ship, arriving as it berthed. He introduced himself to Capt. Andrews and asked for his report.

He was shown the ship’s official log book where all relative times and information were entered.

He wrote it all in his notebook.

He then said that a thorough check of all military and civilian aircraft had been carried out and all were accounted for. No aircraft had been lost. His tone suggested that he did not believe the story. (But if this was the case, why travel all the way from London?)

Just north of Aberdeen, around the headland known as Buchan Ness, there is the RAF base at Lossiemouth, and in the 1960s they would fly Lancaster Bombers from there with strange, large, ‘lumps’ on one side. I wondered how they could fly. I used to see them when I made voyages up the Scottish coast on our cargo ships. At sea there was a circle of white buoys around one mile in circumference with a red buoy in the centre of the circle.

These aircraft would make bombing runs to try to hit the red buoy. When a bomb hit the sea it gave off red smoke as a marker. So experimental aircraft were flying in that area, but Lancaster’s engines make a very loud noise, whereas whatever crashed off Aberdeen was silent.”

December 13th 2011 Triangular UFO seen over Dudley(again)!

UFO over Farnborough

At 4am.on the 20th January 1980, milkman - Fred Smith, was ‘on his rounds’ through the streets of Cove, near Farnborough, when he paused to look up at the clear night sky - still dotted with a few stars, with the promise of a fine day when he noticed an illuminated object in the sky approaching his position from the North. Thinking its was probably a high flying aircraft, or satellite, he continued to watch - his curiosity now aroused, and checked his watch - which showed 4.07 am.

“The ‘light’ had now increased in size and was beginning to take on a crescent shape, with a bluish haze around it. It didn’t look man-made. I began to feel uneasy. By now there was no doubt it was crescent shaped, with a bluish glow all around it, flying quite fast, at a high altitude, when I realised it was slowing down. Suddenly it came to a stop; hovering in the sky above Farnborough .I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end. After a short time, the ‘craft’ slowly turned around and accelerated away northwards, and was soon gone from sight.”

Fred tried to put it to the back of his mind and get on with his job, but fate was to decree this was not the only strange thing he was going to witness that early morning. At 5.26 am a Boeing 747 aircraft flew slowly through the sky overhead, followed by the appearance of the now familiar strange ‘luminous craft’ approaching across the sky from the North,

“Its crescent shape becoming visible, as it stopped overhead and began circling over Farnborough. I was spellbound. It was doing this sort of skidding motion - almost a sideways movement as it circled - then it flew inwards and stopped over Farnborough, again, completely silent for 6-7minutes.”Several minutes later, the silent glowing ‘craft’ turned again and accelerated away, northwards. (Source: Omar Fowler, SIGAP / PRA)

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  1. Congrats with the release of volume 4! Having the first 3, I am now heading to my local bookstore to order this one.

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