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Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas from John and Dawn

from John and Dawn

Holly my grandaughter showing what she thinks of Haunted Skies! no comment!

My favourite, this is my sons cat when she heard how many Volumes were going to be published!

Ken Roache AKA Ken Barlow of Coronation St fame was talking about his interview with Kevin Moor Sky TV ( we havn't seen the documentary) and his beliefs.....
Those pesky' Saucers' get everwhere!

Volume 5

Hi, everyone,we have been busy sorting out the images and script to be used in Volume 5
which we hope will include the period from 1972-1976. I am itching to get my teeth into
Volume 6 which may just cover one years activity ! This was an incredible period and began with a spate of UFO sightings in Wales during early February, many of which were brought to the attention of Randall Jones Pugh a local vet whom we had the pleasure of meeting at Roche some years. What worries us is whether we can fit all of this into one year, we shall see in due course!

Brenda Butler rang today and left a message with the seasons greeting, We are sorry that Colonel Halt is not coming this would have been a historic visit but hope he will come over at some time next year.

The lady who lives opposite me Mrs Hathaway tells me about a sighting over Alvechurch in 1962, when residents were astonished to see three 'discs' flying across the sky over the local Church

And Geff rang up telling me about a very strange incidnet that occurred in the early days of Talk Sport when they interviewed an ex RAF Officer about a sighting during the cold war.
I thought I was going to know what he was on about, but was suprised when Geff told me that the RAF man's conversation was cut off in mid air, as soon as he mentioned that the first RAF Jet went into a cloud on an intercept course, and never came out! I have no idea about this matter whatsoever, but see no reason to mistrust the version of events as given by Geff.

VOLUME 5 will cover some very interesting cases they will include two sightings of UFO's
towards the end of 1972, when the occupants were seen! And other cases where framents or debris has been recovered from the scene following a UFO sighting. There will also be many illustrations in this Volume and visits to Cradle Hill Warminster. You will read of Giants, Humanoids, strange leaping men, weird 'sashed' entities, intercept by RAF Jets and a few ghosts! Unbelievable not chillingly true!

Its Christmas Eve and our friend Kevin Goodman has popped in to see us. We spent time talking about tghe re-issue of his book next year and general chit chat. He left with a copy of Volume 3 and an Aunt Bessie lemon meringue pie, with instructions not to eat frozen!
Kevin's claim to fame( as indeed was ours) was the pleasure of wolfing down an Aunt Bessie's uncooked pie during a vist to the Weird Weekend in 2011.After a couple of beers we didnt know the difference! ( If you like soggy pastry)

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