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Monday, 28 November 2011

Volume 4 a cat's whisker away

Palmers Rough Shirley,Solihull West Midlands, the setting for reports of not only ghostly images but a UFO in the early 1970's more about this incident in the 4th Volume

Haunted Skies Volume 4 1968-1971-a cats whisker from completion!
We have now returned from the delights of our latest excursion to Sunny Devon, we would like to update the bloggers out there with some photos of our visit and allow you a rare opportunity to see our dear Publisher and his CFZ team, Corrina, Prudence, & Orange Cat without whose help, we would not be writing this blog as there would be no Haunted Skies. Fortunatly History will record that there was!

Holiday pics. This was the sky during our journey along the M5 through Somerset- seemed rather fitting!This was during a visit to Tintagel Castle, set high on the rugged North Cornwall coast, offering dramatic views,and steeped in legend and mystery; said to be the birthplace of King Arthur. The castle also features in the tale of Tristan and Isolde. With a history stretching as far back as the Romans, Tintagel Castle is one of the most iconic visitor attractions in the south west. Mind you we did laugh when we noticed a wee seat for weary travellers, on the way in!

Tintagel as dark fell looking out to sea...

Boscastle what a lovely litle village, completely renovated following a flash flood on the 16th of August 2004, which caused extensive damage to the village. Residents were trapped in houses as the roads turned into rivers: people were trapped on roofs, in cars, in buildings and on the rivers' banks and the village's visitor centre was washed away.

Witchcraft Museum Boscastle, if your wondering what the Witch looked like, here she is!

Two Royal Air Force Sea King rescue helicopters from Chivenor three Royal Navy Sea Kings from Culdrose one RAF Sea King from St Mawgan and one Coastguard S61 helicopter from Portland searched for, and assisted casualties in and around the village.

It was the largest peacetime rescue operation ever launched in the UK. A total of 91 people were rescued and there were no fatalities, only one broken thumb. Around 50 cars were swept into the harbour and the bridge was washed away, roads were submerged under 2.75 m of water, this made communication very difficult for the citizens of Boscastle. The sewerage system burst and due to the health and safety reasons Boscastle was declared inaccessible. Boscastle was flooded again on 21 June 2007 although the scale of devastation w

as not nearly as bad as in 2004.(source Wikpedia)

This is Jon Downes (above) with his beloved 'Orange cat' relaxing at home!

This is Superdog Prudence, who we adore!

We intended to make a reference to the following information irrespective of it being on the other side of the 'pond' How we wish that we were compiling Haunted Skies the USA version. Common sense dictates that if this was the case, each Volume would probably cover a six/12months period! So in effect this would mean 60 books up to 2000 plus another ten to bring us up to date! But they tell us that UFOs do not exist! This is what was going to written into Volume 4 at the end. But we ran out or room.

Having more or less covered the British UFO events of 1971 (to the best of our ability) we decided to include a number of sightings that had taken place in the Maryland area of the USA, simply because - while in general our books are about the British Isles - UFOs do not obey any boundaries, and it sometimes of occasional interest to contrast events that have taken place many thousands of miles away.

At around 10.30pm on August 1st 1971, Mr. Charles P Kenyon (39) of New Windsor, Maryland, and his wife and children, were watching a storm at Westminster. After watching it for some 20mins, they noticed an object, showing a bubble like protrusion at one end, and pulsating amber light on top, clearly seen during flashes of lighting . The object was seen to pass within 3000ft of the family vehicle at a height estimated to be 2-3000ft. Mr Kenyon:“It emitted a high-pitched whine, while similar to an air conditioning unit, during one of its passes, and appeared to turn on what appeared to be a white landing beacon on the ground below.”

At 8.15pm on 8th August 1971, James Key of Frizellburg (near Westminster) was with at least twenty other family members gathered for a family picnic, when they saw a bright disc-shaped object heading in a north to south direction, at a speed estimated to be 200mph ‘emitting lots of light’.At 9.00pm on 12th September 1971, a large dark object, showing four large lights, was sighted over Woodbine M.D, accompanied by a humming noise, and a beam of light that switched on and off. (This may have been the Goodyear Blimp, according to NICAP Investigators.)

At 8.00pm on September 22nd, two state troopers and game wardens from Pikesville, north-west of Baltimore, reported having sighted a buff or cream coloured light, showing a red and green light rotating around it, over Easton. A second similar object was sighted in the same vicinity, both UFOs being in view for three hours. Interestingly, officials at Dover Air Force Base confirmed they had picked-up one of the objects on radar.

Three bright lights were sighted on the evening of the 2nd December, over Adamstown, by local youths. This was followed by a sighting on the 14th December 1971, when a bright light was seen circling over the nearby community of Holiday Acres, by a College Professor, State trooper, and several residents of Cavetown M.D, at around 11.45pm. A subsequent investigation showed that the same (or similar object) had previously been seen in the sky by others, at around 11.00pm.

At 7.00pm on the 30th December 1971, a bright ‘light’ was sighted hovering over power lines at Brunswick.ccording to the witness, the object was bright enough to light up the surrounding area, but went out as an aircraft flew overhead. This was not the end of the activity. A large glowing object and eight smaller ones were seen on the same evening in the sky over Frederick M.D. One of the witnesses was an employee at a local radio station, she said at the time.

“I was making a delivery at 9.30pm, when I saw two red lights I took to be an aircraft, until they suddenly seemed to fly apart and then approach each other vertically, at the last moment. At this point a large, brilliant bluer white light was seen near to the right of the Moon’s position in the sky, accompanied by other smaller red lights manoeuvring independently at fantastic speeds. A truck driver stopped after he thought I was in trouble, and I showed him the lights. I then drove to a telephone booth to report what I had seen, but found two men already there talking to the Police. A few minutes later, one of the men stormed out of the booth and said to me, “They told me to take two aspirins and go home to bed.”(Source: NICAP UFO Investigator, January 1972)

Personal Blog : A nice photo of my grandaughter Holly who was born three months premature! you can tell her size from the business card.

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