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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Haunted skies Volume 4 is nearing completion

I am in the process of treble-checking the 2nd PDF, and can say that the only thing I am waiting for is some information from retired Chief Inspector Les Leek, who reported a UFO sighting in 1971. This was a matter that I raised with the MOD some time in the 1990's: they told me that the file would be released and that they would let me know. Good thing I didnt wait for the MOD, as I have heard nothing at all. Having said that, it may be of course that the document was in the latest batch of files, but I haven't got round to looking at them all - it's sheer slog looking at them.

Another horrible job is the index which I'm doing if only to estimate how many pages will be required to fit this into. But generally I am pleased with the way in which this volume is going: it will be jam packed as was Volume 3 and once again shows the public just how prolofic UFO activuty was during the 1970's. Of course, this is just a taster for the 'main event' - the 1977 Wave which will be Volume 6 and may cover just one year!

The Sky at Night

I took this photo of the Moon in all its glory a few days ago. It wasa beautiful clear night, the stars sparkled like jewels, set against their dark blue and very vivid sky with tiny Jupiter to the right. You could see ice cystals forming in the sky, but as far as I know we didnt get any frost
Last night we called in at our friends Peter and Pauline, but before we arived called in at
Parmers Park, off Jacey Road, Shirley, Solihull, where we took some photos. This was the venue fora sighting of not only a UFO but a ghostly shape as reported by children in 1971 which is covered in Volume 4

Spoke to Philip Kinsella today, he is 'plodding on' with the book about Rendlesham Forest and asked me a number of questions about David Daniels, he was alleged to have been a'shape shifter' and was introduced to some very high level officials at the MOD. More on him in Phil's book which sounds very interesting. He's asked me to do the foreword at some stage.


We featured a sighting by Bridget Kelly in page 162 of Volume 3. Although I spoke to her on a number of occasion before she passed away I was never able to obtain a photo from her family, for one reason or another, it never happened, although they did promise one.
I am delighted to say that I have now come across one from an unidentifed source, so I hope the followers of Haunted Skies will insert it into that page please, if you so wish.

Jools want to tell us about her birds, which she has kept for about 25 years.She is the eagle eyed lady who has been busy trying to entice journalists with offerings of Haunted Skies and generally advertising the book for us and getting the Haunted Skies message across.
She is best described as an unpaid Public relations officer, and has been thrilled to receive her Volume 3 from W. H. Smiths. So bearing in mind that her photo of Pops appears to have accidently erased from the blog (a matter we have apologised for) we have now found 'Pops' and restored him to his perch on the blog!

"Ive had had budgies mainly but also a coupleof canaries and two tiels and assorted rescued wild birds like feralpidge/bllue tits/blackbirds/wood pigeon! Somes have had disablilities,budgies that people didnt want or where going to be put to sleep. LikeBingo who had half a wing due to cancer and Pops who couldnt fly andhad fits when he was young Pops lasted 11 years with me and is verymuch missed/ Then there was Squeaky whose parents didnt want her so Ibecome Mom had about 30 birds in total over the years. The best was haviing them have breed and watching them hatch out and grow up and being surrogate mom and helping the parents with feeds etc Budgies are my Favourite as they have such big hearts for such little creatures, so playful and loving and very intelligent. and my world would be a sad and dull place without them!!

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