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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Haunted Skies update on Volume 4

UFO sighting over the River Nene 1994

The above image was drawn by a retired Police Officer who saw this UFO hovering over the River Nene Wellingborough in November 1994, and was subjected to some harrasment for having reported it to the MOD. What would John Gaunt have made of this incident,
he was in the newspaper some time back saying that anybody who became involved in this line of work was a crackpot! Such sentiments are borne from fear in my opinion,and based on total ignorance of the chosen subject!

Hi to everyone. We have not long been back from our excursion to muddy Devon (give or take a few days) where we once again cleared out the unwelcome flies from our caravan which lies a couple of miles outside the village, home of our publisher Jon Downes.

On the way down we stopped at Sedgemoor Service Station on the M5 and dropped a few Haunted Skies business cards into the telephone kiosk outisde the man entrance. A cup of tea and a sandwich for the local birds, one of whom is pictured above.

Jon Downes was in fine form and his wit like his hospitality sparkled, we were overjoyed to be partaking of some wonderful dumplings dished up to us by his just as sparkling wife Corrina, while Prudence trumped sorry I meant trumpeted with pleasure after seeing her Uncle John!

Volume 4 is going to jam packed as was indeed Volume 3, the amount of hard work that has gone into this book is as astronomical as ever. And we are only talking about the period between 1968 and 1971!

Jools contacted Volume 3
Hi John,My book still hasn't come, just rang WH Smiths and they say it is out of stock with the publisher! Someone who I know online tryed to order it from Amazon and had the same trouble. I ordered mine about 13 days ago! Just thought I would let you know! Jools-Jon has now sorted this out, and wishes to thank Jools for getting in touch.

Have been speaking to Roy Dutton a retired Aerospace engineer about his new book which is a cracker (as shown above)Here is what he had to say in an email to me a few days ago.

I ran more than 1000 selected national and international cases through my computer programs during the 1990s. Although the original database (from which my Astronautical Theory was derived) dated back to the late 1880s, the computed database contains essential details of events from the 1950s,1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990-1997. I've continued investigations since then, but ionly as the events were brought to my attention, usually by my 'spies' (as I like to call them).

During the 1990s, I co-produced a set of three videos (now DVDs) with the title "We are DEFINITELY not Alone" , a total viewing time of 4.5 hours, but we failed to get a distributor interested. The DVDs are now available (with the overall title "The Trilogy'') from a Gateshead based website, but few people know about them. As you can guess, I'm not a very good self-publicist and I've pulled away from political and other forms of contention over the years. I just wanted to get to know the truth about those sighting of 'Strange Aerial Craft (SAC) and now feel that I have quite a good measure of it.

I'd be pleased tp receive fairly detailed listngs of the events you have investigated, to run the cases through my glabal programs. I require to know the Time (GMT or BST) of each happening to within (say) 10 mins., the Date and the GPS location of the UFO (SAC preferred) to within, say, 1 mile of the witness. If you consent to participate in this, I would of course let you have the results obtained.

I am a professional aerospace engineer, now in retirement.
My autobiographical book, "UFOs in Reality", brings together all the many elements of my voluntary objective scientific research (since 1967) into the 'Strange Aerial Craft' (SAC) reported by thousands of people all over the world. It was published in March by AuthorHouse and, since then, they have issued publicity information to many media outlets. I hope, by this message, to persuade you to consider reviewing it and publicising its existence. All those purchasers who have read the book, so far, have been impressed by it and some have found it to be compulsive reading.

At the time when I began this voluntary study, I was employed by Manchester-based Hawker Siddeley Aviation (HSA), after they had closed the AVRO Weapons Research Division (WRD). In the Special Projects Office of that WRD establishment, at Woodford Airfield, I had been involved in (among other things) feasibility studies on advanced space launchers and spacecraft. That experience provided me with the foundation for my specialised UFO studies, which began with sightings of strange aerial craft in the Greater Manchester and Stoke-on-Trent areas during 1967. Eventually, the studies became global in scope. The initial observations caused me to search for indications that the events in the atmosphere had originated in Space. By 1980 I had discovered the first confirming indicators. Professionally, I carried on with my varied workload in the Woodford Airfield Division of the Manchester Group and retired early (during 1991) from the Future Projects Office of BAe, PLC, just prior to it's closure by BAE Systems.

My wife and I next moved down to Torquay, where I decided to develop my UFO work further, to computerise the analytical content and to try to communicate my profound discoveries to people who wanted to know about them. If I can now persuade you to read this book and to publicise it, it will then be opened for consideration and discussion by many people within your area of influence.

This book is about people and their experiences, some of whom I have met, and it tells of my analyses of their experiences. The subtitle of the book is "Programmed Aerospace Monitors of our Species". I seem to have identified the global programming being followed by the extraterrestrial agencies and shown many of the witnesses' encounters to be in accordance with that programming. Some very famous encounters are considered and validated in that manner. The MoD claim to have no evidence of extraterrestrials' activities in our skies, but this book provides all the evidence they claim to lack. The programming also enables, and has enabled, would-be observers to be skywatching in the targeted areas at the right times.

Well said, Roy, when will 'they' finally admit that there is and always has been a UFO presence on this Planet, or will Reality TV take us all over and reduce us to gibbering
entities with square eyes?

H.R.H Prince Philip now has all three Volumes of Haunted Skies in his Library at Buckingham Palace

Don Ramkin says Hi, we wish Andrea's husband Tony a speedy recovery after surgery on his back. Andrea and Tony are friends of Don and we met up with them at Woodbridge Community Hall some months ago. Andrea is a good researcher and has been rsearching the 'Rendlesham Forest Enigma- well done young Lady for your help.
From Don - Thanks for the Alien Jelly its made me feel years younger Im going to send some to my friend David Bryant! (Just kidding David)

Peter Robbins Has been in touch as we have dedicated the 4th book to Budd Hopkins, Here is Budd during his lecture at Truro in 2006.(Nick Pope is shown at the back.

RIP Budd Hopkins

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