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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Haunted Skies wishes Happy New Year 1.1.2013

  Rendition of event at Rendlesham Forest  December 1980 by Wayne Mason(c) 2012  

  Haunted Skies 1st Janaury 2013 

Happy New Year to you all from John and Dawn
Volume 8 is under way this covers the period 1980!
Here are some extracts from the forthcoming Volume 8 (The cover has been completed) but wil be under wraps for some time yet
But first does anyone know the whereabouts of Mark Brown & Philip Barnet UFO researchers? 
Aswe would like to speak to them about some old cases?

            VOLUME 8 will be in colour!
We are pleased that the opportunity to show some of the images in glorious colour has finally arrived. We are delighted to be able to show the reader some ‘UFO sketches’ from the possession of UFO researcher Derek Samson from Shirley, West Midlands. Derek was a keen gardener and artist and spent much of his life recording for posterity reported UFO activity, brought to his attention from all over the World. 

Invisible Barriers or force fields encountered
In addition to the sightings of UFOs and their occasional occupants, we have now included reports of mysterious interactions between human beings and what some may refer to as invisible force fields of barriers, which prevent access to something or someone, whose identity still remains unknown. Examples of which have already been published in Haunted Skies. They include the report by British Soldier Leslie Grant who saw a domed object on three legs resting on the ground near Arnhem in 1944. When he approached the object he was stopped by doing so by what he described as “like pushing against rubber” (See Page 38, Volume 1)   In May 1957, Mr. John  Payne encountered an object described as resembling a submarine with two fins at the end object on Winkleigh Airfield Devon. When he tried to get closer he found his way blocked by what he described as an “invisible air cushion, that you could actually lean on”
(See Page 210, Volume 1)  In Reading Berkshire on the 4th of September 1967, Jane a reporter from the Reading Evening News attempted to approach a landed UFO next to the Royal Ordnance factory, but was prevented by “What felt like an invisible force field preventing us getting any closer” (See Page 184, Volume 3) We were to come across many such examples over the years. Many of them took place in Brazil, USA, USSR, and New Zealand but due to lack of space are prevented from reproducing these accounts here; we are forced to confine our interest to what took place in the UK.

Encounter with UFO

Two days later, on 27th August 1980, Gateshead waitress - Marjorie Stainthorpe - was driving towards Winlaton, at 3.00am, near Shibdon Bank, when she became aware of a blue and green coloured ‘ball of light’ following behind the vehicle. I was terrified. When I arrived home, I found myself shaking with fear. I don’t know what it was, but it wasn’t any aircraft.” Enquiries with the local coastguards revealed a blue/green ‘flash of light’ was sighted over Marsden Rock, on the same evening, which was explained away as a shooting star.  (Source: personal interview)


               Flying Saucer’ seen near Temple Meads Bristol

William McQuaid of Knowle Bristol telephoned us in 2007 wishing to bring our attention to something that he witnessed around the 1980 period.    “At the time I was employed as a catering steward for British Rail. One morning we were on our way to Cardiff and had just left Temple Mead Station Bristol. I happened to look out of the window and see a sight that shocked me to the core. A spinning silver saucer shaped object showing a completely smooth outer surface, with no sign of any rivets joins or windows, showing a dome at the top and bottom, hovering in the air about 6ft away from where I was.   I estimated it was about 3ft in length and 2ft wide, my first thoughts were that it was radio controlled. There was a man asleep in a nearby carriage, but for some inexplicable reason I didn’t try and awake him”.

From Volume 6 the Jubilee edition 1975-1977

Close Encounter with UFO

Actress Freda Driver, the sister of Betty Driver - more familiar for her role as evergreen Barmaid, Betty Turpin, of ‘Coronation Street’ fame - spoke to us about a strange incident she and her sister witnessed, during the 1970s.Freda:  “I was sitting in the lounge at the farmhouse where we lived at the time, one stormy evening, and happened to glance through the window, when I saw this large circular yellow ‘ball of light’ hovering above some trees, apparently unaffected by the gale force wind blowing outside. I watched it, noting it had a slightly misty halo around it, and thought to myself it’s watching me as well!

After about 15 minutes, I decided to summon up the courage and venture outside, asking my sister, Betty, to come with me. When we opened the door, accompanied by the three boxer dogs, the wind was so strong we had trouble standing.  As soon as the dogs saw the UFO they ran back inside and hid under the table, at which stage we began to feel frightened and went back inside the house.

After 5 minutes or so, it shot up into the sky and disappeared, followed by the wind dropping dramatically. We found out that others had also seen this UFO, which was explained away as a weather balloon!”

Freda described another incident which took place, while home with her sister, Freda, one evening, approximately ten miles from Ellesmere Port, when they noticed a curious ‘ball of light’ travelling in tandem with their vehicle, about a hundred yards away. Freda:  “I stopped the car to have a closer look at this object, and was surprised to see it had also stopped motionless in the air, as if somehow watching us.

 Unsure of what to do, we got back into the car and continued on our journey, noting, with fright, it was still following us - always at the same distance away from us, irrespective of whatever speed we were doing. It stayed with us for about 20 miles and was clearly seen by other motorists, some of whom stopped their cars. To our relief, when we entered a built-up area, it shot off upwards into the sky and disappeared.”

A few days after the incident, Freda was not surprised to learn, from reading a local Newspaper, that the UFO had been seen by other drivers on the road, one of whom launched an appeal, asking for any other witnesses to contact him.   Needless to say, Freda and Betty decided to keep quiet, fearing ridicule.   (Source: personal interview)

Don Ramkin who has been a valuable supporter of the Haunted Skies project is off to Rendlesham Forest tonight to celebrate the New year with Terry and Brenda Butler. Our best wishes to all of you hope you have a great night.

Don -Well here are three photos of the latest kittens. We've named the black tabby Tabatha , the black n white is called fur ball as its a podgy thing , and the beige & white we called Charlie .Happy New year.

   We would also like to thank Steve Franklin, David Bryant and Jason Chapman for their help with illustrations. If any budding artists wish to assist of any age ! All contributions are welcome here! please contact us on 0121.445.0340
Once again Happy New Year from John and Dawn.

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