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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Haunted Skies Volume 8 & The real Heroes!

           Haunted Skies 8th January 2013
                      Volume 8
                                 IN Colour
                        These are the real Heroes!
                  Wing Commander Eric Cox and his
                   UFO sighting! 1967
                  copyright to his son Eric

                       Budd Hopkins and Peter Robbins thanks 
                                 Peter for the photo!
 Two wonderful ladies that we had the pleasure of  talking  to, 
 rest in peace Betty and Freda!


Currently we are submitting October 1980 to the
typesetter Bob Tibbitts for inclusion in the current
work.This is sample of what that month contains:-
       Chapter 10 October 1980 
Strange orange glow over East Lothian
On the 3rd of October 1980 Peter Douglas (11) and three friends were out playing on the Muirpark adventure playground near their homes in Tranent East Lothian. When at 7.15pm they saw an orange light covering about half of the sky towards the North West direction.  It then vanished but reappeared a few minutes later as a fuzzy oval shape visible for a few seconds on each occasion it was seen. (Source: BUFORA) Insert letter from Arthur Shuttlewood here dated 3 .10.80

Flying Saucer over Anglesley 

In October 1980 Schoolboys -David Prytherch & Gerald Kellahan, from Syr Thomas Jones School, Amlwch, sighted: “A brightly lit saucer shaped object, full of coloured lights, which made a swishing noise as passed overhead.  It looked like a crab underneath, as it passed directly above our heads, at around 8.00 pm., before heading on towards Parys Mountain, joined, shortly afterwards, by a bigger version of the first.”

David’s father, Ken Prytherch, Postmaster at Penysarn, described his son’s agitated condition and that, after being told what happened, invited him to illustrate what he had seen - identical to that drawn by Gerald. Apparently, the boys weren’t the only ones to sight the UFO.  Members of the McGuire family, from Tyn Ffynnon, claimed to have seen ‘lights’ which seemed to land on the mountain, after darting about in the sky.(Source: The North Wales Chronicle’, 16.10.80 – ‘UFO lands on Parys Mountain’)

UFO over Emley Moor
Russell Callaghan was working as a bus conductor, in Bradford, during October 1980. “We finished early on that day and had little time to spare, so we parked on Odsal Top, looking outwards over Emley Moor.  It was about 3.45 pm.  The sun had gone in. It wasn’t quite dark.  We were shocked to see a silver spinning ‘disc’ in the sky at about a thousand feet off the ground.  Within eight seconds it had gone.”   Russell one of the leading UFO Researchers in the country, was very much involved in UFO Magazine before its demise, after the death of Graham Birdsall.    Insert photo of Russell and Graham

Each and every sighting has to be the subject of much scrutiny, before the completed product goes off to be
set into the In Design PDF. This of course means considerable work. Only recently we drove to Dinmore Hill Herefordshire which was the scene of a mysterious
incident involving three people, and interviewed a local farmer  who sighted a UFO hovering over the Clee Hill area. We have sightings over the top of the transmission mast there from the 1990’s, but will have to wait until we come up to the appropriate time/book before we can even start shaping up that Volume.

Spoke to David Sankey and his partner Erica, today they have been the ‘rock’ of what these books have been about, and I apologise if I have mixed up his work with someone elses! 

The problem is that we are a 'one man band' and having taken on the Publishers role demands time which is in short supply.

Colonel Halt has been assisting us with the information contained in Volume 8, but we will be saving his comments for December 1980. he has fully supported our work and  we are grateful to him.
 Megalithic Tours Mysterious Earth Conference 2013

Grimsargh Village Hall Preston Road, Grimsargh, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 5JS
From Neil McDonald  Hi AllThe fifth yearly Megalithic Tours 'Mysterious Earth Conference' will be held over the weekend of the 13th & 14th April 2013.  We will have eight fascinating speakers from across Britain, a range of stalls and catering.  As always the conference will be a great opportunity to meet old friends and like minded people.  Their will also be a four day follow up tour to the 'Mystical Isle of Man', running from the Monday morning.  I have attached a PDF 'information and Booking Sheet' that also covers the 'Post-Conference Tour' and very much hope to see you at the conference.All the bestNeil


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