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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Haunted Skies update under new management

Haunted Skies news
END of an Era -a new one Begins

Hi to everyone out there. I’m sorry to tell you that, we
have parted company with our publisher John Downes.
This was due to our money running out! He and his
darling wife Corinna  are sadly missed not forgetting
Prudence their lovely dog
But we shall be continuing with Haunted Skies up here
and will update you next week.

For those of you that aren’t aware of how we produce
Haunted Skies may we explain that it is a full time job
sorting out, cataloguing and going through mountains of
UFO files accumulated over the years. This takes time!
And there are only two of us. We don’t get any help with
this project, its just Dawn and myself.   However we
would like to thank people such as Don Ramkin from London
a good friend and supporter of what we have been doing
over the many years, since we first told him what we were
planning during one of many visits to Rendlesham Forest.
I would also like to thank Bob Tibbitts who is preparing
Volume 7 and David Bryant who recently introduced me
to some of the Astronauts who attended an autograph
signing convention. (Psss there was a rumour that Buzz
Aldrin charges £275 per signature

I will try and let people know what is going on with the
books each week by way of this blog on Haunted Skies.
and ask you to be patient at this difficult time.
We can be contacted on 0121.445.0340 and look forward
to receiving the same level of support as before, warm regards
to all thos that know us John and Dawn

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