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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

HAUNTED SKIES UPDATE: 4th September 2012


First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Matt Lyons and the committee of BUFORA for inviting us to speak at the 2012 BUFORA Conference. We consider this to be a rare privilege and would also like to thank the people in advance who will be attending. My talk will consist of two parts; the first a short overview of the UFO subject, followed by a short examination of a few specific cases beginning with the event that was to trigger off my interest.

They will include an alleged recovery of an anomalous object from the UFO witness. (And of another one obtained within the last few weeks from another family member). I will then show some of the people who are involved in the UFO business, past and present, for those that don’t know them.

I will then show a large number of strange anomalies captured on the camera at Rendlesham Forest over the years (digital and non-digital), and will then discuss the fall of stones inside the forest, which I have witnessed with others - not forgetting a toy elephant that fell to earth, incredible but true! I will also outline an ‘Apports’ case in Birmingham involving many police officers that ‘staked the house’ out but never caught the culprits.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!! Make of it what you will!

John Hanson and Dawn Holloway, Authors of Haunted Skies Books 1-6

From Don, our contact in London.
Further enquires to be made into this sighting.

Direct quote:

“I'm not long up after last nights paranormal investigation at The Ship Inn at Chelmsford where we had a great night of many audible taps & knocks to hearing whispered conversations where there was nobody there , along with shadows being seen andI personally saw one full body apparition sat on a bench with his legs out stretched looking very relaxed , and Ginette saw a man at the bar in such detail that she perfectly described what jumper he had on the colour of it ,the colour of trousers he was wearing right down to what he passed away from but as usual for us the nights events were psychically draining

I wanted to share something with you that Ginette text me that you may find interesting after I'd been dropped home just before 5am by her (she literally lives no more than 6-7mins away from me).This is the transcript of her text message to me and was sent at 5:11am 2/9/12 from outside her house in Welling Kent” Well that’s strange. A strange light, hovering over tree over school with no sound. It started to rise up and made a loud jet like sound. As it went over the school the lights went out in the building. It kept climbing and then went over my house. As I am typing this I hear the noise as if it had come back. "

From Dave Hodrien………(please attach flyer):

YMCA Derbyshire
770 London Road
DE24 8UT
Timetable will be roughly this:

11:00 - 13:00 
Neil Sanders
13:00 - 14:00 
Break for Lunch
14:00 - 15:30 
Andrew Johnson
16:00 - 18:00 
Richard D Hall
18:00 - 19:00 
Break for food
19:00 - 21:00 
Lloyd Pye
21:00 - 21:30 
21:30 - 22:00 
Q & A
Parking at the venue is limited. There is an onsite Cafe, which we are hoping will be open most of the day - and the food / drinks will be very reasonably priced.

Neil Sanders - Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own: Media Manipulation Of Perception - Neil Sanders, BA, MA and a qualified Hypnotherapist, has spent years reading about and researching the subject of secret government mind control projects. Neil will be discussing how the media shape perceptions and use propaganda, and show that the mainstream media should be regarded with great caution when covering certain topics and stories. Just how much are our thoughts steered by the media? TV, advertisements, films, newspapers all have more influence over us than we realise. Neil's detailed research is about to be published in a book. Neil Sanders has been a regular guest on the Richplanet TV show and his presentation will tie in with some of Richard Hall's presentation. I am grateful to him for coming to speak at the event.

Andrew Johnson - The Control of Information: 911, Energy and Sequestered Technologies - In this presentation, Andrew who has a background in Software Engineering, tutoring and education, will look at the evidence for the cover up of “free energy”. Looking around us, we can see fantastic advances in many areas of technology – yet in ground transportation, we are still “stuck” with decades old internal combustion engine technology which has not progressed much. A look at the evidence tells us that we can exploit Radiant Energy, Cold Fusion, and other forms of “vacuum energy”. Andrew will also discuss another reason why we do not have access to this technology - because it has been turned into a weapon - one that was used on 9/11. He will discuss how this knowledge - uncovered by the careful research of Dr Judy Wood - has been covered up - even by many "alternative knowledge" researchers and websites. for more information.

Richard D Hall - Media, Mind Control and Raoul Moat / UFOs and Animal Abduction - In a 2-part presentation, UK engineer and Broadcaster, Richard D Hall will discuss his detailed research into some areas which are rarely if ever in the mainstream media covered. Richard has a weekly show "Richplanet TV" on the Showcase Channel (201) and I am grateful to him for coming to speak at the event. See for more information.

Lloyd Pye - Starchild Skull - The New Evidence - Lloyd, who has worked as a Hollywood Screen Writer, author and lecturer, is a long time researcher into Hominids and Hominoids,  will be discussing the world-famous Starchild Skull, a real bone skull found in Mexico in 1930. Lloyd illustrates 25 major physical differences between the Starchild and a normal human skull. He shows that several parts of the Starchild are not seen in any other skulls or bones on planet Earth! Most importantly, he delves into recent research on the Starchild’s DNA, which clearly shows that as soon as its entire genome is recovered and sequenced, its genetics will confirm it is vastly more distant from humans than are chimps or gorillas. The Starchild Skull represents history about to be made as big and as important as history can be made, so don’t miss this personal introduction to a relic that will establish once and for all that we humans are not alone in the universe….and never have been! I am grateful to him for coming to speak at the event. See www.starchildproject.comfor more information about the Starchild and for more information about Lloyd.

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