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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Haunted Skies Volume 5 1972- 1975

'Victor 'who passed away recently, the much loved dog of Omar Fowler a veteran UFO researcher ( Derby based UFO group-PRA)

Update on Volume 5

This is jam packed with an enormous amount of information covering the British period of UFO activity between 1972 and 1975, our Publisher Jon is very busy but has found time to look at the work, bearing in mind his other commitments - thanks Jon...

This means that Volume 6 The silver Jubilee Edition of 1977 will begin in 1976 and just cover two years!

This was a very busy year and by far has the greatest number of sightings, even more than the previous ‘wave’ that took place in 1966-1967. Ten years on.

A count up of the illustrations shows 85 files some having more images than the other. This will be a 'corker of a book' we hope that it will be published as a silver Jubilee UFO Book in the Queens Diamond Jubilee year.

If any one has photos of Her Majesty taken in the 1970's please let us have them. We do have a cracking photo of her taken last year at Stratford on Avon, nice to see she was wearing the same coat last week!

Some case histories awaiting illustrations

Rachel Smith was a pupil at Chase High School, Malvern, during the late 1970s. She contacted us, after learning we were looking for people who had witnessed sightings of UFOs in the Worcestershire area.

“I was in the playground when I saw an orange ‘ball of light’ with a distinctive matt finish, rather than gloss. It rolled across the sky, as you would roll a ball along the ground. It had a number of flat edges around its perimeter and was segmented in the middle. I last saw it heading towards the Radar Establishment before losing sight of it.”

Rachel was not the only pupil at the School to see something unusual. We were contacted, separately, by two other people, who told of sighting “a dome-shaped object” hovering over the Radar Establishment, at Malvern. One particular afternoon, both of them individually described the exterior surface of the UFO as looking like “the old-fashioned ‘grainy’ effect”, similar to the swirled finish on stainless steel pans.

On the other side of the City, Susan Meredith - a young housewife from Tunnel Hill - was fetching in the washing, at about 9.30pm, when she became aware of coloured lights, flashing behind her.

Puzzled as to where this source of illumination was originating from, I turned around and was staggered to see a bright silver, saucer-shaped object, with a ‘hump’, or ‘dome’, on its top - about the size of a small car - hovering close to the roof of a nearby house.

“I stood watching, mesmerised, and not knowing what to do for the best, as the object began moving very erratically, as if struggling to keep itself up in the air. To my horror, it slowly moved towards me and slid past into the wall of the house and completely disappeared. The following morning, I plucked up the courage to go outside and have a look. I inspected the brickwork, expecting to see burn marks. There was nothing. It was almost as if it had never happened. The frightening part is that it did.” (Source: personal interview)

This is the raw image (below) from a schoolboy who was walking to school in Janaury 1977..........You will see in due course the finished product of what Illustrator Wayne Mason does with these. Wherever possible we use both- as this is the right way to do it.

Brought to our attention by Bob Tibbitts while looking for properties in Coventry, on the Google maps This was in the Green Lane area of the city.

From Bob Tibbitts......Hi John

I have further explored the Google Maps images of the Gretna Road, Coventry CV3 area.

Originally I was exploring the area in Street View in order to check out what the area was like with a view to buying property there. As I always do, I thought I would take a look at the sky. Sometimes you see odd artefacts in the sky that are a result of the way in which Google composite the photos taken at 360 degrees. However, this object seems to be a 'real' and does in fact appear as a small elliptical mark against a grey sky. Not knowing in which order the photographer took the photos it is difficult to say whether the image of the small elliptical object was take as it flew over the photographer's van or the opposite way around.

Careful investigation as you virtually walk up and down Gretna Road will show the 'thing' change shape with reference to the camera lens as it moves across the field of view. It seems to have sunshine reflected from the upper surface and have a dark underside. It also seems to have two 'bulbous' areas at each end and a slightly thinner inner section.

If you zoom in on some shots, I get the impression that this must have been travelling at great speed as there seems to be a 'ghost' image in the pixels directly behind and under the thing. Without knowing how the camera works or the frame speed, I cannot say for certain how fast the thing may have been travelling. However, it is in and out of shot within five or six frames of that camera's normal operating speed.

Perhaps someone may be able to give us technical info about the equipment that Google use for street mapping. It would be useful to know also, when the pictures were taken.


I am pleased to tell you that our friend Brenda Butler is out of hospital after suffering slight stroke, I spoke to her a few days ago and we wish her well.

The attached photos were taken last night over Crockenhill near Swanley. The photographer is a good friend of mine, he is my childrens god father. He is ex military and knows his onions. He noticed these lights after 2 days of strange cloud formation, (which I also have photos of), if you can use these, he will do a statement for you of conditions, the hum, and static etc. The lights seem to form a triangle from what I can see.Regards Watson ( Andrea) xx

Light blasted and enhanced revceals this image

More images of the strange object seen over Coventry.

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