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Friday, 3 February 2012

Obituary for Derek Dempster

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Cha January to June 1968

UFO over River Exe, ‘Flying Saucers’ over London, Close encounter Warminster, UFO over Old Faversham, Bucks., UFO over Derby, Close Encounter, Crediton, Devon, John Roy Robert Searle, ‘Silver Pipe’ UFO, Nottingham, UFO Display, Birmingham, Strange lights over Leicestershire, UFOs over Derbyshire Domed object, Arnos Park, Bristol,, Encounter with ‘cloud’, Police chase UFO, Black UFO over Raynes Park, London, Another visit to the MOD.

July to December 1968

‘Flying Saucer’ over Devizes, UFO landing in Surrey, UFOs over Coventry, UFO over Shropshire, ‘D’-shaped object, Warwickshire, ‘Close Encounter’, Warwickshire, UFO over Surrey , Badbury Rings, Dorset, Cone-shaped UFO, Lincolnshire, UFOs over Warminster, UFO Landing – Halstead, Surrey, UFO over Chew Reservoir, Somerset, Vehicle Interference, Dorset, The ‘Condon’ Report, UFO over Royal Albert Docks, London, UFO over RAF Wittering ,‘Smoke ring’, Warwickshire, Triangular UFOs’ Surrey,’ Flying Saucer’ over Harlow, Essex, ‘Flying Saucer’, Henley-on-Thames, Bell-shaped UFO, Rugby, ‘Flying Saucer’ over Staffordshire, Alien ‘Figures’, Devon, ‘Flying Triangle’ over Birmingham, ‘Red Light’ over Paignton.

Ch January to June 1969

UFO, Ross-on-Wye, Phantom or UFO seen at Poole, UFO over Stratford-upon-Avon, One ‘pair of eyes’ Coastguard sights UFO, UFO over Doncaster’ Flying Saucers seen over Gloucestershire, Coastguards sight UFO, UFO over Doncaster, Strange lights over Gloucestershire, UFO over Lincoln, Strange sounds, Coventry, Landed UFO, Leicester, UFO Landing, Bridgnorth, ‘Flying Saucer’ paces car, Sheffield, Fireball over England, UFO Landing, Exmouth, Glowing objects, Hampshire, UFO Display, Devon, Lights over Enfield, Middlesex, Smoke ring over Birmingham,UFO over Newton, Norfolk, ‘Flying Saucer’ over Nuneaton.

Ch July to December 1969

UFO display over Yorkshire, UFO Display over Glastonbury, Police chase UFO, ‘Doodlebug’ UFO, London, Dive-bombed by UFO, UFO Landing, Stourbridge, , UFO over Leicester, Triangular UFO, Nottingham, Triangular UFO, Bolton, UFO over Great Yarmouth, UFO over Reading, UFO over Bournemouth, ’T’ shaped UFO over Dorset, UFO over East Ham.

Ch January to June 1970

UFOs photographed over London, UFO, over Warwickshire, ‘Diamond’ UFO - Birmingham, Cradle Hill, Warminster, UFOs photographed over Derbyshire, Strange sounds heard UFO ‘Fountain’, Southampton, Cradle Hill Warminster ‘the grand hoax’ Orange ‘Disc’ over Bournemouth, ‘ Invisible walker’ Cradle Hill, UFO over Middlesex, UFOs over Devon, Creature seen Cradle Hill, UFO over Brixham ,UFO over Hastings, Did RAF scramble jet fighters? UFOs over Reading, Visit from the Men in Black? UFO over Stoke-on-Trent, Cylindrical UFO, Cosham, ‘Flying Saucers’ over Burghfield, Reading, Close Encounter, Hampshire.

Cha July to December 1970

Flying ‘Cigar’ over Gloucestershire, UFO formations over Kent, UFO Lecture, Kensington Library, London, Sighting at Starr Hill Warminster, UFO over Middlesex, UFOs over Kent, Another sighting over Starr Hill Warminster, Phantom footsteps at Warminster, Warning to UFO Group, ‘Flying Hovercraft’, over Isle of White, UFOs over Birmingham , Dr. Joseph Allen Hynek visits the UK, Mysterious events from Warminster , Silver Ball’ over Filey,UFO over London, UFO landing Norfolk, UFO landing Warminster, UFO photographed over Wiltshire, UFO over Bournemouth, UFO over Norwich, UFO over Bolton ,UFO over Eastern Counties, Vulcan Bomber and UFO,UFO over Isle of Wight, UFOs over Northampton, UFO over Birmingham, UFOs over Lincolnshire, Flying Saucer over Matlock, UFO over London, UFO over North Walsham , UFO over Warwickshire, UFO over Wolverhampton

Cha January- August 1971

UFO over Scotland, UFOs over Northamptonshire, UFO over London, UFOs over the Midlands UFO over Dorking,, Strange ‘figures’, Cornwall, UFO over Cradle Hill ,UFO landing Dorset. Flying Saucer over County Durham, UFO Display Surrey, UFO over Leicestershire, UFO over Yorkshire, UFOs over Warminster, UFO over Bournemouth, UFO over Leicester ,UFO photographed over Poole, UFO over Hull ,UFO over Leamington Spa,RAF chase UFO, UFOs tracked on radar, UFOs over Worcestershire, Ken Rogers , UFOs over Lancashire, UFOover Tynemouth, UFO over Staffordshire, Red Star over Lincoln, UFO display Bedfordshire, UFO landing Kent,UFO landing Norfolk, UFO display over Cradle Hill Warminster

Ch September-December 1971

Mr. J. D. Llewlllyn, Sightings over the West Midlands, London Traffic Control Centre, Identified object over the UKUFO over Clee Hill, Arthur Shuttlewood, Derek Sampson of NICAP, The Stockham Monster,Leaping men’ of yesteryear ‘Flying Saucer’ - Tiverton, Devon, UFO over Cheshire, UFO landing Northampton - Portsmouth, Mass of light - Bolton, UFO over Banbury, ‘Flying Saucer’ over Pershore, UFOs over Stockfield on Tyne, Flying Saucer over Worcestershire, UFO display Derbyshire, Arthur Shuttlewood on Cradle Hill, UFO encounter Lincolnshire

Cha VOLUME 5 Foreword by Matt Lyons of BUFORA


UFOs Cradle Hill Warminster, FO over Worcestershire, UFO over Lincoln, UFO over Wiltshire, UFO over Hartlepool, UFO Landing, London, UFO over Coventry, Police Officer sights UFO, UFO over Hampshire, UFO over Bath, UFO activity at Warminster, FO over Suffolk, UFO over Norfolk, UFOs over Essex, Landed UFO Buckinghamshire, UFO over Lancashire, UFO over Lincoln, UFO over Cheshire, Dr J Allen Hynek, Close Encounter Gloucestershire, Close Encounter Sussex, UFO display Warwickshire. UFO over Kent, UFO over Yorkshire

In In onour of Derek David Dempster (87)

A tribute by the Authors of Haunted Skies

Rest in Peace Derek.



We would like to pay our respectsto Derek who died on the 25th of January 2012. This was his brief obituary mentioned in the Telegraph:

Derek David Dempster on January 25th aged 87. RAF and RAF uxAF 604Squadron (County of Middlesex) Squadron. Aviation, Journalist and Author.Dearly loved and loving husband of Jo, and much loved stepfather of Tamara Ustinova lovely, kind man who will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

We learnt of this demise through our friend, ex RAF Auxiliary Pilot James Salandin,MBE a few days ago He spoke once again of the now famous UFO incident that had happened in October 1954 and that if it hadn’t been for the assistance of the then Squadron Intelligence officer Derek Dempster, none of this would ever have been reported.

James was stationed at RAF North Weald, Essex, near Epping (then attached to *604 County of Middlesex Squadron), he escribed the mysterious encounter he had while on an air test, climbing towards Southend, Essex on 14th October 1954: Although we should point out that he cannot be sure of the exact date it may have been a few days earlier..............which gives much food for thought bearing in mind Staffordshire housewifes Jessie Roestenbergs UFO sighting of what appears to have been a similar UFO while living at Ranton.

“Still vivid in my memory, despite it having happened over 50 years ago, I dont talk about what I saw now mainly because of the ridicule attached to the subject"

Mr. Salandin, to whom we had the pleasure of speaking many times over the years, spoke about his service with the Fleet Air Arm and the RAF, having logged 1,800 hours flying time on a variety of aircraft, including 300 hours in the famous Spitfire.

*No. 604 Squadron RAF was notable for its pioneering role the development of radar controlled operations. The squadron was established in March 1930 at RAF Hendon as a day-bombing squadron of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force In July 1934, the squadron transitioned to two-seat fighters. Shortly after the commencement of hostilities in 1939, the squadron was reassigned to the night-fighter role.

No. 604 Squadron was initially disbanded in April 1945 as part of the near-end-of-war reduction of the Armed service It was reformed as an Auxiliary single-seat fighter squadron in May 1946, again at RAF Hendon. Final disbandment occurred in March 1957 with the dissolution of the Auxiliary Air Force.

Image copyright David Sankey. 2006.

“I took off at about 4.15pm. Flying conditions were perfect. When at aheight of some 16,000ft (see opposite) I noticed a number of contrails inthe sky, approximately 30 to 40,000ft, over North Foreland. Through themiddle of these trails I could see three objects, which at first I took to beaircraft, although there was no sign of any vapour trail that one would associate with the movement of an aircraft in high atmosphere. When theygot within a certain distance, two of them went off to my port side; one wasgold in colour, the other silver. The third object headed towards me andclosed to within a few hundred yards, almost filling the middle of the aircraftwindscreen before departing towards my port side. I tried to turn andfollow, but it had disappeared from view. The object I saw through thefront cockpit of my Meteor 8 Jet Aircraft was saucer shaped, with a ‘bun’on top and underneath. I didn’t see any portholes, windows, or other exteriorextrusions that one would associate with the passage of an aircraft

At the time I was bound by the Official Secrets Act and if it hadn’t been forleaks, nothing more would have been heard of the incident. I have alwayssaid that I know what I saw and my story has never varied over the years –the picture is still clear in my mind. However, I have not at any time givenan opinion as to my thoughts on the subject but I feel that now is the momentto do so. Since my wife, Margaret, passed away nearly two years agoI’ve had plenty of time to reflect and would like to voice my true feelings, as most people appear to be sceptical or just not interested in UFOs.I was a volunteer in the Fleet Air Arm, from 1943 until demob in 1947, my flight training being with the United States Navy, after which I served with 604 County of Middlesex Fighter Squadron ‘R’ Auxiliary Air Force from1947 until we were disbanded in 1957.The last five years of my service I was ‘B’ Flight Commander. During thisDecade, 604 were equipped with Spitfires, Vampires, and Gloster Meteors,he Squadron motto being, ‘Si vis pacem para bellum’, (If you want peaceprepare for war!) I mention all of this because I was an experienced pilotand I have never seen, in all the years of my service, anything like I saw on that day.”

At the time of producing Volume 1 of Haunted Skies we spoke,to Derek Dempster M.A, RAF test pilot with the North Weald Squadron from 1948 onwards, and personal friend to James, who inspired his interest in UFOs.

Derek was educated, initially, at the French Lycee Regnault in Tangier, and completed his schooling in England in 1942, when he then volunteered for the RAF and was sent to Southern Rhodesia, for pilot training.

On his commission, after receiving his ‘wings’, he qualified as a flying instructor. In the mid 1950s he left the RAF and took up a position as air correspondent for the Daily Express newspaper. He was then able to sift through reports of UFOs and decide whether further investigations should be carried out.

He was asked to review a copy of Flying Saucers have Landed by George Adamski and Desmond Leslie, which increased his curiosity into the UFO subject. Unfortunately, owing to a disagreement with theeditor of the newspaper over the grounding of the world’s first passenger jet, the Comet, he left the Daily Express and started his new job as first editor of FSR at Werner Laurie Publishers, in Doughty Street, London. He was assisted by the following people: Waveney Girvan (publisher), Lewis Barton(editor of This Week, illustrated magazine), The Honorable Brinsley Le Poer Trench (an accountantat the South African Embassy), Dennis Montgomery (librarian) and Gordon Creighton (diplomat).

“We held meetings at Westminster, Caxton Hall, near Scotland Yard. Webelieved these things were coming in from outer space, and we were tryingo prove this with science. We had some allies, such as Peter Horsley, whohad been Station Commander, at North Weald, and was then Equerry toPrince Philip. Also, we received collaboration from Henry Chinnery, whowas Horsley’s successor.

Both men had a keen interest in keeping the Palace posted on ‘flying saucers’and we used to exchange files with them. There was also a shorthandwriter for Lord Mountbatten - named Dan Lloyd, who was an ex-Royal Navyman. He was also very interested in ‘flying saucer’ matters and shared thisinterest and new research material with Mountbatten. It was said, at thetime, that Mountbatten kept lever files of UFO photographs to show visitorson the bridge of the warships when he was at sea. I met George Adamski atthis time.I could see how terribly keen everybody was to embrace people like him,who claimed he had travelled to Venus. I was sceptical of him but wished toremained objective. What we were all living on, then, was hope and expectation.

We kept being shot down due to the activities of the lunatic fringe, who began to attach themselves to Ufology. I had to leave FSR because of the effect it had on my business interests in the aviation industry; apart fromthat, I was being regarded as a ‘nutcase’, whose opinion in aviation matterswas in question.”

Derek’s literary output includes The Inhabited Universe and Worlds in Creation,The Tale of the Comet with Kenneth Gatland and the award-winningThe Narrow Margin, with Derek Wood, which served as a source book for the film Battle of Britain.

This was the post war period of the 1950's following on from the spate of sightings of what became known as foo fighters, which were mysterious lights and triangular objects seen by allied and axis aircrew on both sides while on bombing missions over Germany and France

UFOs over Germany 1944 (copyright David Sankey)

It snowed last night! Here is an image of our street!

A Haunting at Brecon.....Witchcraft?

This will be featured in more length in Volume 5. Perhaps the readers may have their own views on what befell this lady and her daughter way back in the 1970's?

“We went through the usual routine and Sandra was soon asleep. I lay down and it started – blackness, with weird forms floating past. I sat up and put the torch on - now I knew it was not me. I thought okay, I’ll lie down and watch to see what all this was about. I settled down again, all the time mentally holding my only means of protection - the cross. The blackness descended again - then the forms appeared, whether my eyes were open or closed. Suddenly I heard a noise, like a huge iron door, slamming. It made me jump and I saw black metal bars of what looked like a portcullis - the type found in an old castle.

I felt myself passing along tables, or benches, all laid out with old black metal equipment or tools, which I couldn’t indentify. Behind them were chains, glinting, hanging from the wall, and the sounds of bolts being pushed hard into position. The witness also describes seeing a row of

black candles floating aorund the bed and a variety of animals, chickens

and what appeared to be a frog or toad!


Im sick to death of the nanny state! Ive just heard that there are advertisments

coming warning about the dangers of mouth cancer if you drink more than two

glasses of red wine! I though 'they' said red wine was good for the heart! We are

being bombarded by a Goverment who broadcast the dangers of this and the dangers

of that non stop. I want to be in control of my own destiny and am getting sick of it

This the same Authority that tell us UFO's dont exist! If UFOs did not exist I wouldnt

be writing this blog.....On that subject if it wasnt such a waste of time I would write

to the Television Companies complaining about the scripts shown on the the soaps

which contain Rape Trials, people getting beaten up and thinly veiled smut more in

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BUFOG Ancient Aliens Night

Date: Thursday 16th February 2012

Time: 7.30-11.30pm

Price: Members £3.00, Non-Members £3.50

(For venue map and photo see our website at

With so many fascinating UFO cases from recent times, it's sometimes easy to forget that there is a wealth of evidence that we may well have been visited by ETs for thousands of years. This evidence includes cave paintings and hieroglyphics seemingly displaying UFOs and their occupants, descriptions of sightings from long ago, and ancient myths that speak of gods from the stars. At February's meeting, we are going to take a look at this evidence in more depth. We'll be showing the pilot episode of the excellent TV series Ancient Aliens, as well as a UFO Files episode themed on the subject. Dave will also present a selection of art pieces from the past that appear to show that aliens have been here for a lot longer than just a century. There'll also be the usual sightings update and other UFO related information.

Ancient Aliens: The Evidence

If ancient aliens visited Earth, what was their legacy, and did they leave behind clues that exist in plain sight such as sophisticated aircraft, complex electrical grids, and intricate construction machinery? Indian Sanskrit texts, dating back to 6000 BC, describe in varying but vivid detail flying machines called Vimanas. Megalithic stone structures in Egypt reveal evidence of precision saw work. Interpretations of the Jewish Zohar writings offer depictions of a life-sustaining manna machine, eerily similar to chlorella algae processing systems today. Are these examples of modern technology, or is there evidence that these incredible mechanisms existed on Earth thousands of years ago?

UFO Files - Ancient Aliens

The show investigates ancient ruins, artifacts, and texts that may hold evidence that past human civilizations may have been contacted by or had close encounters with extraterrestrial beings.

Note: BUFOG is not a money making organization in any way. Entrance fees go towards paying for the venue & events


  1. Thank you so much for this post. I hadn't seen any pictures of the memorial. obituary

  2. Just seen a UFO east of Corby. Metal disk that shot off at speed and out of site in seconds. 11:10 am 21/03/13.